John Lewis broadband deals for December 2019: FREE Google Nest Hub with all packages

Opt into John Lewis broadband for a FREE Google Nest Hub and an incredible monthly broadband price. Hurry, deals are limited!

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Thinking about giving John Lewis broadband a try? If you're on the hunt for a fuss-free broadband package that's cheap yet very cheerful, John Lewis broadband is your best option. Not sure John Lewis broadband is the best option for you? Find a cheap home internet deal on our broadband deals page.

Need a freebie to convince you further? They're giving customers a FREE Google Nest Hub worth £219 with all packages on site. Whether you keep it for yourself or cheekily re-gift it for Christmas is your decision.

Keep scrolling for the best John Lewis broadband deals right now. Feel free to use the links on the right to navigate this page with ease...

The best John Lewis broadband deals for December 2019

John Lewis broadband offer three deals on site. Prices start at just £20 per month raising to £32.50 per month. All packages are free upfront and of course, include a FREE Google Nest Hub. Winning.

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Unlimited Broadband | 10Mb | £20 per month
This is John Lewis' cheapest broadband offering at just £20 per month. This includes average Wi-Fi speeds of 10Mb (not great, but enough for those who aren't super reliant on the web). It also comes with weekend and evening line rental for free, and a FREE £40 John Lewis and Waitrose gift card. Price per year: £240View Deal

Unlimited Fibre Broadband | 36Mb | £27.50 per month
For an extra £7.50 per month (that's £90 for the entire year), you can bump the above deal up so it has much stronger Wi-Fi speeds. It still comes with evening and weekend line rental, too. Price per year: £330.View Deal

Unlimited Fibre Extra Broadband | 66Mb | £32.50 per month
This package is nearly the same as the above but more ideal for those who require a super fast download speed. You'll get average download speeds of 66Mb and unlimited usage, too. Bargain. Price per year: £390.View Deal

Google Nest Hub Max: do I want one?

Similar to Amazon's Echo Show 2nd Generation, Google's Nest Hub Max is a handy smart home speaker that features a large screen to display everything from cooking videos to your calendar entries and the weather. Also, much like Alexa, you can ask Google Assistant any questions you like or to set an alarm, timer and more. It's an ideal piece of kit to pop in your kitchen or dining room, as it can be used for music, to display recipes, photos from your holiday and just about anything else for that matter.

If you have the chance to bag a free one, we suggest you jump on it. These babies are normally worth a huge £219, so to get one for absolutely nothing is a deal that shouldn't be missed.

All John Lewis broadband packages...

10Mb broadband options:

36Mb broadband options:

66Mb broadband options:

What about John Lewis broadband line rental?

All basic John Lewis broadband packages include Evening and Weekend calls. Anytime UK calls can be added to any package for an extra £5, or International calls for an extra £7 per month.

How long will my John Lewis broadband contract last?

All John Lewis broadband contracts last 12 months. After this period is up, your monthly direct debit will increase or you have the chance to leave and change provider.

What about John Lewis broadband and TV deals?

Unfortunately, John Lewis broadband aren't offering TV deals at this moment. We hope that this option will be available in the future, but we can't guarantee anything. For those wanting to subscribe to John Lewis broadband who also want a TV option, check out our Now TV pass page for more info.

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