Talk Talk broadband deals October 2020: top packages – broadband and TV

Check out the best Talk Talk broadband deals for October 2020 and save some money on your bills. Packages start from £23.50...

Talk Talk broadband deals: Talk Talk Wi-Fi hub
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Switching to a Talk Talk broadband deal? Good idea. This best broadband provider offers both broadband-only and broadband + TV options, all at affordable prices.

For October 2020, the best package on offer is Talk Talk Faster Fibre. This package comes with broadband averaging 38 megabits per second, it's on an 18-month contract, it costs £23.50 per month and it includes a free, £60 voucher. Like what you're hearing? Use the links below to navigate this page, or, just keep scrolling for this deal.

Can't get Talk Talk in your area? See the best broadband deals on offer this month from a range of providers. If you'd prefer to opt-in over the phone, you can do so by calling 0808 108 0354. Keep scrolling and type in your postcode for the best Talk Talk broadband deals in your area.

The best Talk Talk broadband deals

Talk Talk line rental

All Talk Talk broadband deals include line rental. And with this service comes free call privacy features, caller display, anonymous caller reject and last caller barring. If you want the benefit of Anytime Calls, you can add this to your package and since Talk Talk uses Openreach landline, you should be able to keep the same landline number should you want to.

Talk Talk TV

You can add Talk Talk TV onto a current Talk Talk broadband package or buy a Talk Talk broadband deal which includes TV. With Talk Talk TV comes access to 80  of the nation's favourite channels – 15 of which are in HD – and you can watch the latest films and biggest TV shows. The Talk Talk TV box lets you pause, rewind and record TV and you can add and remove channels monthly. You can stream all of the best on demand players and streaming services from Netflix to Amazon Prime, ITV Player and more. 

Talk Talk contract lengths

Talk Talk broadband deals come in the form of 12-month contracts, 18-month contracts and 24-month contracts. We think the 18-month option is the best as they work out cheaper, but if you're renting or want to try out Talk Talk broadband for the short-term, the 12-month option is great.

Click for more info on contract lengths at Talk Talk's website

  • Prefer to purchase a Talk Talk broadband deal by phone? Call 0808 108 0354.

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