The best BT Broadband deals for March 2020: there's up to £100 in reward cards up for grabs

These are the best BT broadband deals for March 2020 – packages start from only £26.99 per month

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Looking for the best BT broadband deals? For the month of March, one of the best broadband deals on the web can be bagged for only £28.99 per month – that's BT's Superfast Fibre for those who don't know – with an £80 reward card. Incredible.

Why choose BT? BT is probably the best option for those who want it all. Despite having hot competition, there's a reason why they are still the most popular company on the block, one being the sheer variety of internet plans they offer. 

You'll be pleased to know that right now, they're also giving customers who opt into a TV + broadband package a FREE six month Amazon Prime membership. Yes please.

Use the links on the right to navigate your way through this page. Otherwise, directly below you'll find our broadband comparison chart where you can filter deals by price, brand, speeds and more. Next up there's our pick of the best BT broadband deals available right now from cheap broadband only to super fast BT Infinity fibre optics and even combinations of broadband, TV and phone packages. Keep scrolling for everything from BT broadband know-how to information on BT gift cards and some useful advice to note before buying a package.

The best BT broadband deals this week


BT Superfast Fibre | 24 months | 50Mb | £35.99 £28.99 per month | Upfront: £9.99
Enjoy superfast fibre broadband that's perfect if you frequently enjoy streaming and catch-up TV thanks to this affordable package. It comes with a Stay Fast Guarantee, you'll get free access to over five million UK Wi-Fi hotspots and also a BT Smart Hub for free. Oh, and it also includes unlimited UK weekend calls and a £80 pre-paid mastercard. Total price for 18 months: £521.82.VIEW DEAL ON BT Superfast Fibre


Classic with Superfast Fibre + BT Sport + Netflix | 24 months | 36Mb | £50.99 £38.99 per month | Upfront: £29.99
Looking for a broadband deal with TV included? For the small price of £39 per month, you can get Wi-Fi, Freeview TV, BT Sport, access to Netflix AND your TV box will let you record up to 300 hours. Channels included range from BBC1 to E4, Sky News, CBeebies and many more. There's also a six month Amazon Prime membership thrown in, aswell well as a £80 BT reward card, too. Total price for 18 months: £701.82.VIEW DEAL ON Classic with Superfast Fibre + BT Sport + Netflix

BT broadband know-how

First, we're going to talk you through things you need to know and consider before narrowing the best BT broadband deal down, and then our pick of the best current deals come in. If nothing takes your fancy there, then scroll down and use the filters on our broadband comparison chart to find a deal more suited to you.

Although BT's bottom line price tends to be a bit higher than other providers – all of which you can check on our overall best broadband deals page – some of the perks it frequently offers can make BT equally good value in the long run. Think free activation promotions, hefty pre-paid Mastercards and as much BT Sport access as you can handle.

What is a BT gift card?

Simply a pre-paid credit card you can use anywhere that accepts Mastercard, the BT Gift Card is chip and pin instead of contactless. You shouldn't be stuck for choice in terms of places to use it, as around a million retailers and restaurants around the world accept it. Just remember to claim your Gift Card within three months, otherwise you may lose out on the money.

What to consider when bagging a BT broadband deal?

Do you need a broadband AND TV deal, or just the one? What about a phone package? 

Whatever BT Broadband deal you go for, line rental is included in the price. You'll also get unlimited weekend calls, with the opportunity to add further call plans such as international numbers.

BT's deals range from the Starter plan, which is basically your usual Freeview channels, all the way up to Total Entertainment. The latter is perfect if you're often streaming 4K films and television as BT throws in its YouView+ Ultra HD box. Allowing you to record up to 600 hours of video, which is handy considering the range of TV channels you get access to.

Fancy BT Sport as well? Ordinarily, you have to add an extra £3.50 per month to get it. But BT often has promotions running whereby it will throw in free access for some or all of your broadband contract.

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