The best BT Broadband deals for June 2019

Want to know how to get the best BT Broadband deal? We're here to help you save money this June, and to grab a freebie

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On the hunt for the best BT broadband deal? Whenever you think about internet providers (which, we know is all the time obvs), the first company that pops into your head is probably BT. Despite having hot competition, it's still the most popular company on the block, one reason being the sheer variety of internet plans they offer. 

We've found the very best BT broadband deals for you this month, and you'll be pleased to know that they're currently giving customers up to £70 on a BT Reward Card, and a choice of three tech gifts worth up to £249. Up for grabs is your choice of an Amazon Echo, a pair of JBL 650 Live Headphones or a Samsung Tablet A.

From cheap broadband only to super fast BT Infinity fibre optics and even combinations of broadband, TV and phone packages, BT really does have it all.


First, we're going to talk you through things you need to know and consider before narrowing the best BT broadband deal down, and then our pick of the best current deals come in. If nothing takes your fancy there, then scroll down and use the filters on our broadband comparison chart to find a deal more suited to you.

Although BT's bottom line price tends to be a bit higher than other providers – all of which you can check on our overall best broadband deals page – some of the perks it frequently offers can make BT equally good value in the long run. Think free activation promotions, hefty pre-paid Mastercards and as much BT Sport access as you can handle.

BT's basic broadband tariffs

There are three basic BT broadband tariffs you can choose from, before you start adding call plans and TV packages. 

BT Unlimited Broadband - The cheapest BT Broadband deal is, naturally, the company's slowest. You get standard ADSL speeds of up to 17Mb, which equates to a maximum download speed of around 2MB per second. Bearing in mind that actual speeds are almost always lower than the quoted rate, that can mean cripplingly low speeds.

BT Unlimited Infinity - BT's entry-level fibre broadband deal is one of the fastest offered by any internet provider. With a quoted connection of up to 52Mb, the difference you'll notice over standard broadband will be palpable (and a must if you have lots of people using the internet at once). But be aware that fibre isn't available everywhere, pop your postcode where asked below to see if you can get it.

BT Unlimited Infinity 2 -  Without upping things to Ultrafast, Infinity 2 is the fastest internet BT offers. Up to 76Mb of the stuff - so potential downloads of an incredible 9.5MB per second. If you're a 4K TV fan or live with loads of people all using the web at once, then the extra speed may just be worth the money.

The best BT broadband deals for June 2019

(Image: © BT)

BT Superfast Fibre | 18 months | Avg speed: 50Mb | Price per month: £31.99pm £35.99 | Delivery: £9.99

Enjoy superfast fibre broadband that's perfect if you frequently enjoy streaming and catch-up TV, as well as 200GB of cloud storage and the option for half price BT Sport. Oh, and it also includes weekend calls, a £40 pre-paid mastercard and a tech gift of your choice worth up to £249. Total price for 18 months: £585.81.View Deal

(Image: © BT)

BT Superfast Fibre 2 | 18 months | Avg speed: 67Mb | Price per month: £39.99pm | Delivery: £9.99 

Ideal for those who enjoy streaming, gaming, watching and downloading in HD on multiple devices, this package enjoys all the benefits of the Superfast 1 Broadband, with some added bells and whistles such as weekend calls. They've also thrown in a £70 pre-paid mastercard and your choice of an Amazon Echo, pair of JBL headphones or a Samsung tablet. Total price for 18 months: £729.81.View Deal

Like the sound of BT Broadband or Infinity fibre? Then check out our comparison chart (below) to choose the perfect plan for you, or just head straight to the BT Broadband website now.


Do you need a broadband AND TV deal, or just the one? What about a phone package? 

Play around with the filters below to see what different deals are available from BT today. Whatever BT Broadband deal you go for, line rental is included in the price. You'll also get unlimited weekend calls, with the opportunity to add further call plans such as international numbers.

BT's deals range from the Starter plan, which is basically your usual Freeview channels, all the way up to Total Entertainment. The latter is perfect if you're often streaming 4K films and television as BT throws in its YouView+ Ultra HD box. Allowing you to record up to 600 hours of video, which is handy considering the 140+ TV channels you get access to.

Fancy BT Sport as well? Ordinarily, you have to add an extra £3.50 per month to get it. But BT often has promotions running whereby it will throw in free access for some or all of your broadband contract.