An American style fridge freezer for under £470? Yes please, Argos

This cheap American style fridge freezer offering from Argos is just in time to help store your Christmas turkey, desserts and more

American style fridge freezer: Fridgemaster MS91515DFF
(Image credit: Fridgemaster)

In the market for an American style fridge freezer? If you're on a budget but also on a mission to bag one of these beasts for your kitchen, get ready to jump for joy, as we've found one for under £470 at Argos. Yes, you read that right. 

The Fridgemaster MS91515DFF comes in black or silver and has a huge 514 litres of fridge and freezer space to enjoy – that's 28 shopping bags-worth. 

Read on to find out more – and don't miss our guide to the best fridge freezers if this one's not right for you. Hoping for a few fridge freezer deals come Black Friday? It's likely there'll be tons, however we can't guarantee that you'll be able to bag an American style fridge freezer for a price this low – and get it in time for Christmas.

Interested? Scroll for more info and to buy.

Fridgemaster MS91515DFF American Fridge Freezer

(Image credit: Fridgemaster)

The Fridgemaster MS91515DFF American style fridge freezer is a great option for large families who are on a budget and want the best of both worlds. You can pick a colour depending on your kitchen decor, and it's rated A+ for energy, so kinder to your pocket.

What else makes this model a winner? It features 337 litres of fridge space and 177 litres of freezer space; it's frost-free; features an internal light for late-night snacking and it comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty, should anything go wrong. 

Both doors open to 150 degrees and the fridge has a built-in open door alert for those who are forgetful *guilty*.  The best part? The fridge features a built-in water dispenser that has a capacity of three litres.

Interested in purchasing the American style fridge freezer of dreams at the best price ever? Click to shop the Fridgemaster MS91515DFF at Argos for £469.99.

Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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