'Alexa, spill the beans on Prime Day deals...' Here's what she told us

Tired of waiting for those Amazon Prime Day deals, we thought we'd ask Alexa to see if she knew more than Amazon will let on. The results were... well, revealing

Alexa and Amazon Prime Day: AMAZON ECHO
(Image credit: Amazon)

Obviously we're looking forward to Amazon Prime Day on Monday with enormous anticipation, but our impatience has been getting the better of us for some time about the fine detail – in other words, exactly which deals Amazon will be dropping. 

You possibly already know that it was Real Homes that broke the news about when Prime Day would be way back in June, so you won't be surprised that we've got a bit of a track record when it comes to going to just about any (legal) lengths to get ahead of the news.

So, in another dastardly attempt at bringing you lowdown about Prime Day deals before anyone else does, we thought we'd ask Alexa to see if she'd give the game away. Here's the transcript of our revealing conversation.

Real Homes: 'Alexa, tell me about Amazon Prime Day deals'

Alexa: 'I have Linksys Velop Intelligent Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System at £134.99, that's a saving of £85. Would you like to buy it?'

Real Homes: 'Maybe later. What else?'

Alexa: 'I have 50 per cent off Anglepoise lamps. Would you like to find out more?'

Real Homes: 'Oooh, actually I would, but not this minute. What else?'

Alexa: 'I have 42 per cent off juicers and the TP-Link Smart Indoor Security Camera at just £56.99; that's a saving of £83.'

Real Homes: 'Hang on a minute, Alexa, you're just reading out the Deals of the Day for today.'

Alexa: 'What are you looking for?'

Real Homes: 'Amazon Prime Day deals.'

Alexa: 'What are you looking for?'

Real Homes (louder): 'Amazon Prime Day deals.'

Alexa: 'Hmmm, I don't understand.'

Real Homes: 'Okay Alexa, will you be discounted on Monday?'

Alexa: 'Sorry, I don't know that one.'

Real Homes: 'Alexa, what are the deals of the day for Monday 15th July?'

Alexa: 'Here are your deals...' (Alexa repeats today's deals).

Real Homes: 'Alexa, can you tell me any secrets about Amazon Prime Day?'

Amazon Alexa

(Image credit: Amazon)

Alexa: 'Here's what I've found on Wikipedia: in 2018, Bezos revealed that it's two day delivery service Amazon Prime had surpassed 100 million subscribers worldwide.'

Real Homes: 'Alexa, that's not exactly a secret if it's on Wikipedia is it? Okay, can you tell me any Amazon Prime Day hacks?'

Alexa: 'Sorry, I'm not sure.'

Real Homes (resigned): 'Alexa, when is Amazon Prime Day?'

Alexa: 'Amazon Prime Day 2019 has not been announced.'

Real Homes: 'Alexa, seriously, do you know anything at all?'

Alexa: 'I know lots of things and I'm constantly learning more. Try asking: "Alexa, what have you learnt today?"'

Real Homes: 'Alexa, what have you learnt today?'

Alexa: 'Today I have been learning about planets... try asking me why Neptune is called Neptune.'

Real Homes: 'Alexa, now you're just being facetious.'

Alexa: 'Sorry, I'm not sure.'

Real Homes (shouty): 'Alexa, one more try: Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals!'

Alexa switches herself off. Who knew she could be so tight-lipped? We'll just have to make do with what we know sold at brilliant discounts last year for now. We'll keep trying to be the first to bring you all the best Amazon Prime Day deals in the meantime...