9 stylish shelving ideas that are SO EASY you'll want to copy them this weekend

These shelving ideas not only look gorgeous but they are so easy to create in just an afternoon...

shelving ideas
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If you are looking for a nice, easy home project these shelving ideas are for you. Curating a cute shelf or two too is a much more aesthetically pleasing job than painting the skirting boards or regrouting your bathroom tiles, so we say take a break from the serious DIY for a weekend and do something lovely and enjoyable! 

All of these looks are really easy to copy at home and you can still order the stuff you need online. They are also all very practical as well as bringing a bit of style and personality to your rooms.

Keep scrolling for some inspiring shelving ideas for every room (even your garden) and make sure your check out our #shelfie guide to decorating shelves too for more ideas. 

1. Transform a corner of your kitchen 

If you are squeezed for storage space in your kitchen but don't have the room/don't want to add more cabinets, shelving is a great solution. You can stick it up in a space that would otherwise go unused like this little corner. This lovely set up has been created using cute bracket shelves (Ikea's Sandshult always look fab) and a rail for even more storage. 

2. Use spice racks to display books 

Love this shelving idea! Use an Ikea spice rack to display books. Obviously it would really well in a kid's room, because not only do children's books look adorable it means they can easy access their books for themselves. This would totally work for magazines and records too if you are after a grown up version. 

Currently Ikea's wooden spice racks are out of stock, but they have a wooden shelf you can order only that would create exactly the same look. 

3. Create a feature wall with picture ledges 

We have sung the praises of picture ledges before. They are grey because you can create the effect of floating shelves but they aren't as bulky. They look fab in this home office arrange at alternate sides. A quick and easy home office update right here. You could even treat yourself to some cool dalmatian print wallpaper (it's everywhere at the moment) to complete the look. 

4. Build a library in an awkward space

We have said it before and we will say it again, if you have books you have decor. Displaying your books will just instantly add colour and personality to whatever room you stick them in. A great place to create a little library is in an awkward nook or on a weirdly shaped wall. You can either make it a DIY jobby and build shelves to fit your space or just get some floating shelves and cut them to fit your space. 

If you need any tips on how to put up floating shelves head over to our guide. 

We have seen loads of examples of this on social media.  Add a bit of interest above your bed with a shelf. It's a more simple, subtle look than a gallery wall but has a similar effect – plus you only need two screws rather than 10 million! You can layer up a few prints and easily switch them out every now and then too. 

6. Create a shelving display with plants

living room with overwhelming collection of houseplants

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this shelving display idea. Yes, these are lovely looking shelves, yes, the books and objects are pretty good looking, too, but it's the house plant display that's nailing this set up for us. Find more house plant display ideas in our guide.

7. You can hang plants from shelves too 

Nikki Edwards sacrificed a bedroom to create the perfect spa-like bathroom in her Walthamstow home

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

If you don't have the room to create a massive green wall in your home, hanging plants of shelves or picture ledges can have a similar effect just on a smaller scale. Amazon sell some very cute, very affordable plant hangers that come with hooks that you can just pop over your shelves. 

8. Decorate around a sink with a shelf 

Kitchen shelves in vintage kitchen

(Image credit: The National Trust)

This is such a lovely rustic look, but putting shelves around or above a sink is really   practically too. Everything is on show and in easy reach. Mix up you colours and patterns for a more bold look or copy this shelving idea and opt for a subtle colour palette. 

9. Add a mini shelf to a small home office space

If you, like so many of us, are working from home at the moment, you will know how important creating a workspace is. Even if it's just a 'zone' in your bedroom or living room. Popping up a shelf above your desk, where ever that might be, will add some extra storage and personality to your makeshift work area. 

For more home office ideas, head over to our feature. 

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