8 quick and easy ways to make your home festive this Christmas

No time? No problem. We've got you covered with these easy Christmas decorating ideas...

Christmas wreath as table centrepiece
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We know how it is. Every year you vow you'll make like the Ingrammers and come December transform your home into bloomin' Narnia, complete with lifesize Mr. Tumnus and a snow machine. But then comes Christmas shopping, work drinks, carol concerts, a never-ending string of Nativities and Mr. Tumnus seems like an unachievable goal. In fact, any festive decoration what-so-ever seems like an unachievable goal, well fear not, because much like wise old Aslan we are here to save the day.

Right, Narnia waffle over, here are some quick and easy Christmas decorating ideas...

1. Keep the tree simple 

Garden trading Christmas dining room

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And work with what you already have. We all have visions of switching up our tree decorations every year, picking an out-there colour theme and trend to follow. Dream on. Just keep things simple and use a few of your favourite decorations in similar colours to add some sparkle. 

You can of course gradually update your collection by adding a few new baubles each year, for ease just make sure they slightly match your other decs. If you like the vibe of this dining room, check out our Scandi Christmas decorating ideas

2. Go for low effort maximum effect 

Staircase with lights and greenery

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And for us that means evergreen. Everywhere. If you are lucky enough to be able to chop down foliage from your own garden, great, do it. If not, ask for some trimmings when you head to buy your Christmas tree, if you are cheeky enough they should give you some sprigs for free. Then just go to town wrapping them round your bannisters, sticking them over pictures, trailing along a mantle piece. 

You can string lights through too and place baubles in amongst the foliage for even more of an effect. 

Christmas bedroom by Neptune

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You could even copy this easy Christmas decorating idea and pop some greenery in your bedroom. If all of this foraging sounds like waaaay too much effort, don't worry, you could also cheat the look with some artificial garlands. We rounded up the best garlands this year, so go and take a look.  

3. Live in a flat? Try small space decorating solutions

John Lewis Christmas decorations

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If you don’t have a ton of room for decorating, just make the most of surfaces – a window sill, the top of a console table, a set of shelves. Use these areas to create a festive display. Even something as simple as some twigs in a vase with some fairy light strung around can be an effective, super easy Christmas decorating idea. 

4. Hang a wreath on the front door

Garden Trading wreath

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An obvious but super easy Christmas decorating idea – stick a wreath on your front door. It tells everyone 'look I'm organised, I'm festive, I'm not living in a mulled wine haze with 10 million people still to tick off my Christmas list and a shepherd costume to make in 20 minutes.' 

We've got some great (and affordable) ready-made Christmas wreaths to choose from. Suddenly got more time (the tea towel on the head trick wins every time)? Why not make your own wreath that will last beyond Christmas?

5. String up some outdoor fairy lights

Christmas lights

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Another quick way to show your neighbours you have this whole Christmas decorating thing down is to string up some outdoor fairy lights. Literally just stick them around your door, throw them in the hedge or wrap them around a tree trunk. What we love about fairy lights is you really have to do so little to get them up but they always look so glorious when they are light. 

We've got loads of clever ideas for displaying your fairy lights inventively if 'throwing them in the hedge' isn't a feasible option for you. 

6. Switch up your cushions for festive alternatives

H&M Home Christmas

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How long does it take to change some cushion covers? A minute? Two minutes? Whatever, we think just changing your cushions with the seasons is a really quick way to making your living room feel instantly more festive. And they didn't be overly Christmassy either, check out H&M's range of cushions (opens in new tab) for a case in point. 

7. Put up loads of easy paper Christmas decorations

Paper Dreams Christmas decorations

(Image credit: Paper Dreams )

As nice as it would be to always make your own paper decorations, but really who has time for that? These gorgeous ones are from Paper Dreams (opens in new tab), but you can pick them up in bulk from Amazon (opens in new tab) if you want to create a huge display. 

They always look really cool bunched together up a staircase or suspended over a dining room table. Again, minimal effort, maximum effect. 

8. Whip the wreath off the door, stick it on the table

Christmas wreath as table centrepiece

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Okay, they're in the door, they've seen the door wreath, now whip it off the door and stick it on the table with some pretty candle sconces in its centre. Ta-daaa! A table centrepiece that hogs the limelight without costing you extra. Of course, you could just have a separate one and save yourself the effort of mid-day wreath swapping. Much easier. And not really any more expensive.

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