Amazon Prime Day 2020: US and UK deals and date

Here's everything we know about Amazon Prime Day 2020 so far. From expected deals to bestsellers...

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Amazon packages outside front door
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Holding back spending at Amazon, ready for Amazon Prime Day 2020? Brilliant idea. While we're not yet sure when it will be this year (it was postponed from July) we do expect this sale event to be with us very soon. We're hoping that it will greet us ahead of Black Friday – which falls at the end of November – and we know that Amazon usually release the date of this sale event around two weeks or so ahead. 

If you've got your eye on some smart home tech, an electrical item or some furniture – and it's sold at Amazon – then we definitely suggest waiting for the deals. This year's event will be busier than ever with everyone at home more and online shopping becoming a preference thanks to lockdown. That and they should really make it up to us for postponing it, right? Amazon Prime Day is Amazon's largest shopping event of the year – yes, even bigger than Black Friday, Cyber Monday and January sales – so to say we are excited is a slight understatement.

Can't wait to bag a bargain? See below for today's best Amazon deals depending on your region. Keep scrolling for all you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2020.

Amazon Prime US free trial
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Amazon Prime UK free trial
Amazon offer all customers a free 30-day trial to experience the benefits of a Prime account before investing their money. Amazon Prime Day only is nowhere near that length of time, but this means you can get a free trial before the event to take advantage of the deals. Winning!View Deal

Jump straight to what you want to know...

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

The latest guesstimations say that the revised date for Amazon Prime Day will be early to mid October. Amazon does not officially release the dates for Prime Day until a few weeks before the event, so we're not totally sure when we'll find out. In the last few years, the event has taken place in the middle of July – Amazon Prime Day 2019 was on 15 and 16 of July. Amazon Prime Day 2018 fell on the 16th and 17th of July. 

Is Amazon Prime Day 2020 cancelled?

No, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is not canceled, just postponed from July.

Amazon's latest released statement assured us...

"This year we’ll be holding Prime Day later than usual, while ensuring the safety of our employees and supporting our customers and selling partners. We are excited Prime members in India will see savings on August 6-7, and that members all around the world will experience Prime Day later this year. We look forward to sharing more details soon." – Amazon

Amazon Prime Day 2020 pages live now

It's true: Amazon's Prime Day 2020 pages are already live in the UK and US. These pages are, however, empty, but it'd be a smart idea to bookmark them now so you are ready when the deals do start to come in. See them below. 

Which countries will take part in Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Originally, the first ever Amazon Prime Day – July 15th 2015 – was an event that spanned nine countries from the US to the UK, Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Austria. Since then, it has expanded to 18 different countries and deals can now be found in places such as Singapore, United Arab Emirates, India and Australia. Usually, Amazon Prime Day is celebrated on the same day of the year, no matter which region you are accessing the site from. This year, due to COVID-19, India celebrated Amazon Prime Day on August the 6th and 7th, ahead of the rest of the world.

Are there any Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals now?

There are no Amazon Prime Day deals as of yet, but there are a few great Amazon deals floating around right now in both the US and UK. You can see them below.

Amazon US:

Bissell Steam Shot | Was £$9.99, now $19.99
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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker | Was $34.99, now $29.95
Currently on sale for $29.95 at Amazon, the AeroPress coffee press is well-loved by high ranking chefs and home cooks alike—and for good reason. The compact and durable design makes it a great option for just about any kitchen while the fast brewing technology ensures a smooth, rich cup of coffee every single time. View Deal

Bissell MYair 2 Pack Purifier | Was $169.99 for two, now $129.99
These great air purifiers are a total bargain and a pack of two means you can use one downstairs and another one upstairs – no lugging up the stairs each night! For use at any time of day and in any size home, these air purifiers boast a 3-in-1 filter which has a pre-filter layer that's super-efficient when it comes to capturing micron particles such as smoke, pollen, and dust. The machine will notify you when it's time to change your filter, while it's easy to use – thanks to a touch screen display – and nicely compact so as not to stick out like a sore thumb.

You can also buy this air purifier in one pack for $69.99.View Deal

GOOVI by ONSON Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Gyroscope | Was $289.99, now $155.54
Currently on offer for 46 percent off retail price, this highly-rated robot vacuum cleaner from Onson is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade to a smart vacuum without spending half a month’s rent in the process. With over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, this budget-friendly vacuum is a safe bet for just about any household.View Deal

Amazon UK:

Le Creuset Enamelled Steel Traditional Kettle | Was £99, now £82 at Amazon
This super cute pink kettle is currently a bargain with 30 per cent off today. It's made from enamelled steel and boasts a heat-resistant handle as well as a whistle, while it's suitable for all hob types. With a wide base for consistent heating, it's great if you always have a hot drink in your hand. That and it comes with a five-year guarantee, too.View Deal

Hive Active Heating Thermostat | Was £179, now £128.98 at Amazon UK
A Hive smart thermostat is a great buy if you are trying to cut down on how much money you are spending on your bills. After the initial purchase of the product, thanks to its great features, you should start shedding ££s off your bills fast. This device lets you know if you leave the house and forget to turn the heating on, it completely turns it off when you are on holiday while still protecting your pipes, and so much more. This way, you needn't ask the kids to turn up the heating and risk it going wrong – you can do it on your smartphone. That and you can set a PIN so they can't control it. Looks-wise, we have to admit that this thermostat is one of the best looking options around, should it be going on show.View Deal

Shark [NV681UKT] Upright Vacuum Cleaner | Was £299.99, now £194 at Amazon
This vac is equipped with a pet power brush attachment which will easily remove pet hair from carpets, stairs and sofas. It will also easily convert to a handheld vacuum cleaner thanks to it's powered lift-away technology which means that it can also help to tame hair out in the car, or dust in the corners of the room.View Deal

How will Coronavirus affect Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Back in March, Amazon had to take measures to prioritise the delivery of essential items like toilet tissue and groceries so that people could get what they needed. This meant many product lines including beauty, tech and gifting were on delayed delivery schedules to enable the Amazon warehouses to move priority products. Delivery seems to be largely back on track in the UK, but demand in the US is still hindering normal service. Prime Day 2020 has been officially postponed by Amazon, with no date yet announced.

We also need to consider the manufacture of the products usually on sale for Prime Day. Even Amazon's proprietary tech is not completely under their control as manufacture takes place around the world at a number of sites – many of which are in China. Existing stock may last until the event, but production of certain products has been stopped due to factory closures. Delivery of these items to Amazon warehouses has also become more difficult.

A final consideration is that Prime Day was original conceived as a big summer sale to fill the mid-year lull. It drives Amazon Prime membership and shifts excess stock. These are not things Amazon needs to heavily promote this year as Covid-19 and a reliance on online shopping are doing the work for them. Moreover, subscriptions to Amazon Prime are up already as many have subscribed to their streaming offerings for extra material to watch during lockdown.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Much like Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day used to be just 24 hours long to offer Amazon customers huge discounts on anything and everything they need; however, much to our pleasure, both events have been extended, and in 2019, Amazon Prime Day ran for over 48 hours. After the main event was officially over, deals continued and some prices stayed low for the remainder of the week.

Do you need to be an Amazon Prime member to get discounts?

Although Amazon will likely be running other deals around this time, the biggest and best deals are for Amazon Prime members only. So, to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2020 you will need to have an Amazon Prime account either in advance of the sale or before you make a purchase. 

In 2018, Amazon welcomed more new Prime members on the date of July 16 than any previous day in Amazon history, as you have to be a Prime member to take part in Amazon Prime Day.

You can often get a free trial that last 30 days, so time it right and you could take part for free. If you do this, we suggest waiting until the date is announced. Alternatively, sign up to Amazon Prime today and make the most of their free next day delivery and Amazon Prime movies and TV offerings.

Click one of the links below (depending on the country you're in) if you want to start your free Amazon Prime trial now. If you don't cancel, it's just £7.99 per month to carry on enjoying the perks, such as free next day delivery and access to TV shows.

What are the bestsellers on Amazon Prime Day?

As a super-merchant, Amazon sell pretty much every product you can think of. In sales events, technology and appliances sell really well as does furniture. Below is a list of bestselling items from Amazon sales in 2019. Expect to see similar and more in upcoming sales.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals on Amazon devices

Amazon normally cut the price of all of their own smart devices from smart speakers to wireless doorbells and tablets. We're talking everything from the Ring Doorbell to the Echo Show 5, Kindle devices, the Fire TV Stick and so much more. Last year, the Echo Dot sold for £24.99 at its best price and the Fire TV Stick for £19.99. See all Amazon devices below, along with their best current prices.

Head to our dedicated Amazon Echo deals page for more info on what's on sale right now.

What deals can you expect on Amazon Prime Day 2020?

As with any post-summer sale the usual seasonal goods will be available. Think garden furniture, garden storage, tools and toys. As well as this, tech is what Amazon is known for and they deliver on that, too. Vacuum cleaners and small home appliances will be up for grabs and don't forget all of Amazon's own smart home devices in the Alexa speaker family. 

Amazon offers different types of deals when they have a sale on. You can see what they are below.

  • Deals of the Day: 24-hour duration – usually have a countdown.
  • Lightning Deals: Flash sale deals with a limited number available for a short period of time.

How to get a bargain on Amazon Prime Day 2020

These are our expert tips on getting a Prime Day bargain:

Sign up for an Amazon Prime account in advance: this is the only way to to take part in the deals; you needn't subscribe though – our guide on how to get a free Amazon account and be Prime Day ready will take you through the process.

Download the Amazon app on to your smartphone – that way, you'll get notifications as deals come in. 

Do your research before Amazon Prime Day – noting prices before the event both on Amazon and other sites that cut their prices to match means you can be sure to get a deal not a dud.

Make a Prime Day wish list by 'adding to basket'; that means that on the day, you can find all your buys in one place to see what is discounted.

Click the 'Watch This Deal' button to be notified when the product goes on sale.