18 genius Amazon kitchen buys TikTok made us buy

These Amazon kitchen finds will add some style – and a slice of practicality – to your kitchen worktops and cupboards

Amazon kitchen buys: SQ Professional Double Cereal Dispenser Dry Food White/Black Plastic Canister
(Image credit: SQ Professional)

Here are all of the Amazon kitchen finds we found on TikTok, that are must-haves for easy cooking and smart storing.  We're talking genius space-savvy buys, items that will make cooking easier, things that will brighten your worktop and so much more. Trust us when we say these finds are game-changing – we've even bought a few of them ourselves...

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18 genius Amazon kitchen buys

1. These Scandi-style wooden spoons

Folkulture Store Set of 5 Wooden Spoons
Imagine these lovely-looking wooden spoons on your worktop, not just because they match but because they look super expensive – thanks to their white handles. These wooden spoons all differ in shape, while five come included in a pack. This pack includes everything from a wooden spatula to a wooden fork and more. They are all BPA-free, too, as well as non-stick and they shouldn't scratch your pans.

2. This basic yet handy bread bin

Morezi Metal Bread Bin
This basic yet stylish bread bin will hide your loaves, bagels, muffins and more from guests, all while looking lovely on open shelving. It's made of metal so it's designed to last, while it's spacious so ideal for large families (or serious bread lovers). 


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3. These glass drinking straws – for coffee and more

MIXIAO Glass Drinking Straws
Okay, so these glass drinking straws can turn an otherwise boring-looking drink from drab to fab in seconds. We're talking everything from smoothies to iced coffees, cocktails and even juices. They come with cleaners included, while we think they look great on display.

4. Mini gold espresso spoons

SourceTon Pack of 8, Gold Plated Stainless Steel Espresso Spoons
These stylish gold espresso spoons will look the part along with the rest of your coffee essentials. Ideal for stirring sugar into your espresso, lattes and more, they have a long handle and they are made of 18/8 stainless steel. They'd also be great – and look fancy – when it comes to eating dessert.

5. Gold measuring spoons

2lbDepot Gold Measuring Spoons
More gold! But this time in the form of measuring spoons. These are narrow so they can fit into tight containers, while six come included – along with a handy leveller. Measurements span from 1/8th (0.63ml) of a teaspoon to a whole tablespoon (15ml). They are all on an EZ snap ring to keep them together, though they can easily be separated.


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6. This over-the-sink collander for cleaning and cutting fruit and veg

Focuses Sink Strainer Basket
This sink strainer basket expands to fit all size sinks while it's perfect for helping wash and cut veggies without causing too much mess. It's also very convenient to store and you could also use it for your food waste, to take it to your bin with ease.

7Pms . This space-savvy cutlery storage


Joseph Joseph 85119 DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organiser tray
This space-savvy cutlery storage leaves lots more room for your larger cooking utensils, as it stores your forks atop your knives and spoons. It even has space for teaspoons, too. It comes in a range of colours from grey to white & green, as well as blue.


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8. This genius cereal dispenser

SQ Professional Double Cereal Dispenser
A cereal dispenser for home? Yes, please. Pour your Coco Pops or Frosties with ease, and pop them on display on your worktop within easy reach of the kids. This dispenser is so cute, and each twist of the knob dispenses one ounce of food. Not only can this dispenser preserve your food, but it'll do so while adding style to your worktop – or cupboard or pantry.

9. These double-walled glasses

Bodum 4559-10 PAVINA Double Walled Thermo Glasses
These fancy double-walled glasses are perfect for serving – and drinking – anything from iced coffee to hot coffees and teas, as well as fresh juices and more. They are made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass, and they are extremely insulated. You could even use them for serving soup or ice cream.


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10. These pink resealable food bags for storing lunch

Inanhoo01 Resealable Silicone Food Bags
These reusable bags are made of silicone so you can wash them and use them over and over again. They can be used for everything from solid foods to liquids, while they are dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe. Three come in a pack.

11. A Japanese milk jug

Smilikee Japanese Milk Jug
This 300ml jug is super cute, and it's perfect for serving milk in style when enjoying afternoon tea at home. With a handle and a pouring spout, it'd also be ideal for creams or sauces, too. And it will look lovely on the table – win win!


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12. This magnetic soap hanger to keep it out of the way

Soap in the Air Magnetic 3M Wall Adhesion
Whether you have soap in your kitchen for cleaning your hands, or for cleaning your dishes – or perhaps both – this clever wall mount can keep it away from water. To keep your sink looking tidy, your soap in tip-top condition and your kitchen looking lovely. How? The wall mount boasts a magnet at the bottom, and you'll need to insert a magnet into your soap for them to attract and stay together. So simple and very effective...

13. Swedish dish cloths

SUPERSCANDI Tea Towel and Swedish Dishcloth Gift Set
These clever dishcloths can be reused and washed in your machine and they are made of a cotton linen mix. Not just that but they are biodegradable, too. A bonus? They look pretty, too.


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14. This clever bag sealer to prevent food from going off

XIMU Mini Bag Sealer
Glide this tool over a bag of opened crisps, sweets or whatever else, to seal your food until it's air tight to prevent food waste. It's easy to use, convenient to store and it comes in three colours. It can also cut as well as seal. It's easy to see how this product went viral on TikTok.

15. These clever stretchy silicone lids

DigHealth Silicone Stretch Lids
These stretchy lids come in a pack of 12, while they can be used on bowls, containers, plates and even directly onto fruit. They are BPA-free, too, while you can pop them in the dishwasher to clean them. 

16. An easy food chopper

Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper
Use this simple food chopper on anything from onions to potatoes and even fruits. It cuts your food so it's all the same size, while making this job 10 times easier – and 10 times quicker. All chopped food is stored in a container underneath the chopper, to make for less mess on your worktop.

17. This multi-use silicone mat

flintronic Silicone Table Mat
Use this silicone mat to protect your worktops from boiling pans, to protect your hands from hot kitchenware, or even as a spoon rest. It's multi-purpose to say the least, while they come in a pack of four and you can choose from four colours. A must-have kitchen gadget, no doubt...


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18. This marble tray for holding your soap dispensers

Luxspire Bathroom Vanity Tray
Use this rounded marble tray for storing anything from soap dispensers to cleaning sprays and more in your bathroom. It's easy to keep clean, rounded and it comes in five colours. Oh, and it's a bargain.

18. Gold cutlery for a stylish table setup

Vivo Technologies Gold Cutlery Set
This sleek set comes in a range of finished but gold is by far our favourite. It's made of high-quality food grade stainless steel and it's dishwasher safe, it comes in 4, 16 or 24-piece sets and it'll be sure to spruce up your dining table – and your cutlery drawer.

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