Two tone kitchens – 5 lovely looks to copy in your kitchen space

Two tone kitchens can be timeless and this simple colour scheme is far more than just an Insta-trend... Here are five ideas to help you get the look at home

two tone kitchens
(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

Two tone kitchens have been all over Instagram lately, and we can confirm that they are a thing of beauty. What you may not realise is that this duo colour scheme is actually a classic look that is sure to stand the test of time. So choose the perfect combo for optimum style and you might find yourself feeling a less frequent need to redecorate...

Always a bonus, plus, it's a look that you can very easily incorporate into your current space – without the need to rip out your entire kitchen. To help you out, we've rounded up five inspiring ideas below to help bring your two toned kitchen to life, easily and cheaply. And, if you are after more kitchen ideas be sure to check out our gallery for easy and beautiful updates.

1. Pair bright kitchen cupboards with neutral walls

When it comes to creating a two toned kitchen, paint is going to be your friend. Painting kitchen cupboards and walls and even floors, is the easiest way to create a new colour scheme in your space. We love how the cabinets in this kitchen have been painted a really vivid green (Verdigris Green by Farrow & Ball) and the walls have been kept a simple orange-toned neutral. There's enough colour in that wall colour to create a contrast and give the two toned effect, while it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the space. 

2. Hang wallpaper to introduce another shade

Kitchen wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Little Green)

Like paint, wallpaper can be a really easy way to subtly introduce a second colour into your kitchen. We like how this wallpaper almost totally matches the green of the cabinets but still brings in that pink hue for contrast – another two toned kitchen done beautifully. 

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3. Bring your floor into a two toned design for a cohesive look

Oooh this kitchen is so colour co-ordinated and we love it! The floor has exactly the same two colours as the cabinets and the walls which just adds to the overall two toned look. Dark blue and pink is also a classic, high contrast combo that is bang on trend right now – plus it can work in both traditional and modern kitchens alike as it won't be going out of style any time soon.

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4. Create a soft look with pastel tones 

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer © Future)

Does it get more dreamy than pale pink and sage green? Oh wait, yes, you throw in some copper too. You can recreate this combo by painting your kitchen cabinets and walls, but if your kitchen is already quite a neutral space, think about bringing in these two tones in a smaller, much easier way. Paint a pink feature wall and look out for sage green accessories and kitchen storage to create a similar vibe for just less effort. 

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5. Contrast your kitchen splashback with your cabinets 

Small kitchen ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Got a tired looking splashback? You can actually paint over it, just check out our guide to how to paint tiles. This yellow and blue combo strikes the perfect balance between bold and subtle – contrast, yet soft and muted tones – so that the overall effect isn't too loud at all.

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