20 green living room ideas – pretty ways to use this stylish shade

Green living room ideas are this season's alternative to greys – so of course we had to dedicate a whole gallery to them...

Green living room ideas
(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Looking for green living room ideas? A dynamic and refreshing colour, green comes in many different shades, from the formal and cool sage to bright and cheerful emerald or deep and relaxing teal. And green goes well with everything – whites, creams, and greys, all the staple living room colours. From accent furniture pieces to all-over green colour schemes, we guide you through the best ways to transform your living room with a new fave colour. 

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1. Transform the room with a bright emerald wallpaper

Farrow and Ball Tessella wallpaper

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

A bright emerald mid-green is the perfect colour to take a room that's crying out for an update to the next level. Choose bright green paint for maximum impact, or use a wallpaper for a softer look that's more suited to a traditional living room ideas

This green living room has been decorated with Tessella wallpaper by Farrow & Ball. 

2. Enliven dark grey with a green velvet sofa

Balfour Sofa 3 Seater - House Velvet Forest Green

(Image credit: Sweetpea & Willow)

Looking for green lving room ideas but don't want to go all our painting the room just in case? Add a focal piece of furniture in a green hue that compliments your current space. Start with a green armchair or sofa, which will add a subtle, softening contrast to darker or neutral shades. 

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3. Cheer up a north-facing room with an intense green

Living room in green by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Our top design tip for dark, north-facing living rooms is to pick vibrant, juicy green shades that won't be washed out by the lack of daylight. These colours really come into their own in darker rooms, looking rich rather than garish. Paradoxically, bright colours also make small space feel larger, so an all-over green shade will work well in a small living room. This green living room has been painted with Little Greene paint. 

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4. Create a neutral palette with muted greens

Ikea task lighting in a teal living room

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you prefer a neutral decorating scheme, but still like the idea of going for a green living room, go for muted green shades such as sage or mossy green. If in doubt, pick shades that lean more towards grey or blue for a more understated effect. Again, these tones of green look wonderful matched with greys.

5. Keep a green living room light with a pale wallpaper

Sandberg Hassel wallpaper

(Image credit: Sandberg)

Large and airy living rooms tend to do better with brighter, more neutral colour schemes, and can be drowned out by very bright colours. So, if you have a large space and are looking for green living room ideas, a wallpaper with a delicate green pattern will be your best bet. 

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6. Create an elegant  look with cool green living room ideas

traditional living room with green walls in London home

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

This is not an absolute rule by any means, but cool greens tend to be suitable for creating a smart, formal design scheme. This traditional living room benefits from a cool green shade that's brighter than sage, but less demanding than a bright emerald.

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7. Create an easy-going scheme with ditsy prints

Farrow & Ball wallpaper

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

If yours is a country style cottage – or you'd love to create a cottage look – a small repeat floral patterned wallpaper in green is a fabulous choice. Match it with dark woods and furs for a cosy, welcoming feel.

8. Complement wood and leather with a cool green

living room with green walls leather chair and drinks cabinet

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Dark floors and dark furniture tends to create a formal look, so if you're looking for green living room designs to suit a more traditional – or vintage-style – living room, pick a tone that matches the dark wood shades, but ensure you add touches of warmth in richer, hotter colours with the addition of accessories, such as rugs.

9. Warm up a cool room with turquoise green shades

Farrow and Ball floral wallpaper in a traditional living room

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

Turquoise can lean either more towards blue or more towards green, but it always evokes summer and warmer climes – perfect if you want a more Continental vibe in your space. Add further warmth to a green living room by choosing furniture in bold, warm shades, such as sunshine yellow – here, the upholstery picks out the lighter tones of the wallpaper design. 

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10. Choose petrol green for a more contemporary feel

green sofa in a living room by Amtico

(Image credit: Amtico)

If your living room has a contemporary look that you want to keep subtle and stylish rather than bold, pick a piece of furniture in a deep, petrol green, rather than a louder, apple shade. It's the perfect complement to industrial materials, such as metal-framed windows and exposed brick walls.

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11. Contrast olive greens with punchy furniture

Velvet sofa in a moody grey-green living room

Olive green is such an easy, elegant shade of green to live with, but what if you want to give your living room colour scheme a little more punch? One way to do so is to pick furniture in bolder colours – and if you are really clever, you can add two accent colours (as below) at the same time. Here, the main accent shade is gold – seen in the sofa and accessories; the pastel pink makes a single appearance, perfect for maximum impact.

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12. Choose a large repeat print for a feature wall

Mid-century modern living room with Farrow and Ball wallpaper

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

If you want to put green on one wall only, picking a large repeat print green wallpaper will create lots of impact. You can match this type of wallpaper design with all kinds of furniture styles to create the type of room you'd like; here, it's the perfect backdrop to Mid-century modern furniture.

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13. Pick out a leafy design for a restful feel

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Ask a colour psychologist and they'll tell you that green is the most restful of shades; add an element of nature to your room's design, and you'll maximise the effect. So, if you're after green living room ideas that will create a restful haven, a leafy green wallpaper (or curtains, or upholstery fabric) should be your go-to choice. Push home the point by doubling up patterns, prints and colours, as here with the sofa/wallpaper combination.

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14. Go two-tone for a contemporary effect

living in Pea Green by Little Greene

(Image credit: Litle Greene)

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, then you may want to introduce another bold shade to your green living room scheme. Our tip is to use just one wall, or part of a wall, for your 'wild card' colour. This green living room juxtaposes green and pink paint shades from Little Greene

15. Use green to add depth 

Room painted in Farrow and Ball Green Smoke and India Yellow

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

If your living space is open-plan, you may want to try zoning it into different areas with the help of different colours. Our advice is to use harmonious or contrasting colours to create a colour scheme that is vibrant yet coherent. This living room uses Green Smoke and India Yellow by Farrow & Ball

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16. Opt for green window treatments to create atmosphere

blue toned blinds in living room with sofa

(Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous)

Go for green blinds or shutters in order to create a relaxed atmosphere in the living room – green window treatments will help colour gently stream into the room, and you can keep the rest of the design scheme neutral. 

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17. Use teal as part of a darker decorating scheme

Mid century modern living room with Farrow and Ball wallpaper

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

Teal is another chameleon shade that can lean either towards green or towards blue, and can sit right in-between. It's a great option for creating a dark and atmospheric design scheme in your living room. 

This living room combines a teal wallpaper from Farrow & Ball with dark flooring and warm Mid-century furniture. We think it all works beautifully. 

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18. Accessorise with plants for a naturally green look

Sofa.com Betty armchair in Olive pure cotton matt velvet £590

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

After a really easy green living room idea? Plants are the easiest of ways to create green accents in your living room – and they add plenty of texture, too. Combine trailing and upright plants for maximum effect, and explore our tips for transforming your home with house plants for more ideas.

The Betty armchair is from Sofa.com.

19. Pick a deep grey green for a period-style room

Armchair in pink in green room by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

If you've installed wall panelling in your living room, picking a shade that might have been typically authentic will give it a smart, period feel. We love grey green which, matched with black, creates a sophisticated feel. However, we'd always advocate adding a splash of warmth in furniture or accessories, with red/pink being the perfect colour contrast.

20. Create a green accent wall to liven up an all-white decor

Fitted storage wall in a living space by Neville Johnson

(Image credit: Neville Johnson)

Looking for green living room design ideas to enliven an all-white living room? A green accent wall is a great place to start. Pick an easy-going pale green shade if you prefer a more understated look.This airy living room with a green accent wall features fitted storage by Neville Johnson

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