These Christmas lighting ideas for outdoors will make your look super festive

Try one of these outdoor Christmas lighting ideas to make your whole house glow throughout the holidays

Christmas lighting ideas for outdoors
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These Christmas lighting ideas for outdoors will help you achieve a coherent, festive look that's both joyful and classy. From classic fairy light displays to more unusual and innovative lighting schemes created using LED projectors, these ideas cover all decorating styles and tastes. There's also a very cute lit-up snowman in there that we just couldn't resist. 

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1. More is more! Max out on fairy lights

Led Icicle Lights, Amazon

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Less isn't always more when it comes to Christmas – ultimately, only you can decide how many lights are too many, and if you want to cover your entire house and driveway with lights, the rules are there are no rules! However, to keep you maximalist Christmas lighting scheme looking great, stick to small LEDs and fairy lights, Avoid too many strings of larger lights, as they'll look clunky. 

2. Prefer understated? Decorate just the front porch

Toodour LED Icicle Lights, Amazon

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If you prefer a simple and minimalist decorating theme, then just arranging a string of LED fairy or icicle lights along the perimeter of your front porch can look really nice. For the ultimate elegant effect, we advise matching the tone of your lights to the coloring of your house: so, if your house is painted white, go for cool white lights; if it's brick or painted a warm color, go for warm or golden lights. 

Or, follow the rules of halves and keep one half of the house lite with cool lights, and the other with warm. The effect will be very elegant.

2m 64 White LED Connectable Icicle Lights, Lights4fun

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3. Create a glowing pathway with luminarias

Electric Snowflakes 10-Count Luminaria Kit, Bed Bath & Beyond

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To create a contemporary outdoor Christmas lighting theme, line your driveway or garden path with luminarias. These simple lantern are traditionally made from paper, but look for more durable and weatherproof plastic designs. There are lots of designs to choose from, plain or patterned – we like snowflake-patterned ones for the truly festive look.

4. Add festive cheer with a lit-up snowman

Gemmy Industries Light Show Snowman, Walmart

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How cute is this little dude? Well, actually, he's not even that little, and why should he be? One of the pleasures of outdoor Christmas lighting is that other people will see it too, so the large size is a good thing. We would recommend keeping to just one oversized lit-up Christmas decoration, whether it's a snowman or reindeer, though, to prevent an overly cluttered look.

5. Create a romantic look with firework-style cluster lights

200 Led fireworks, Walmart

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This is one of favorite look this Christmas – so pretty and magical. The LED clusters create a mini firework display effect – perfect for a small back garden or porch. These won't give you a lot of light, so if you're planning on sitting outside, you'll need to combine them with something else. 

6. Go for an LED projector for a soft look

Electric LED Projector Light in White Snowflakes

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Want to try something a bit different? A projector light will give dramatic coverage for your whole house while looking soft and not overly bright. It's definitely more of a gentle glow than full-blown sparkle, but still looks very festive. 

You can also choose an LED landscape light that will cast a myriad of little lights all over your garden and house – a truly magical, laser-snow effect that's very contemporary and unusual. 

Night Stars Deluxe Landscape Lighting in Laser Green

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