Yeast free bread: 3 easy ways to make bread without yeast

Can't find yeast in the supermarket? Have a go at yeast free bread – these 3 recipe ideas are easy and totally delicious

yeast-free bread
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If you're struggling to find yeast in the supermarket, then making yeast free bread is a great alternative. Whether the shop is out of stock or if you're actually yeast-intolerant but still want to enjoy a fresh loaf of bread, we have rounded up three brilliantly easy ways to bake delicious, yeast free bread at home. 

Making bread without yeast only requires a handful of ingredients, so you won't have to worry about spending time in a supermarket in search of something obscure. And lets be honest, with the amount of spare time we all have on our hands, there's never been a better time to be a bit resourceful and to have a go at baking bread.

Keep scrolling for inspiration. Find out how to make bread (with yeast); then, find more recipe ideas over on our food hub.

How to make bread without yeast

1. Try soda bread

As the name suggests, soda bread makes use of baking soda as its raising agent, as opposed to yeast. It requires no kneading or proving – in fact, you can have yourself a soda bread loaf ready to bake in a matter of minutes. And it's yeast free, which is handy to those with an intolerance or sensitivity. 

Check out our full soda bread recipe  – it's a good one.

2. Start a sourdough culture

Sourdough is by far one of the most popular varieties of bread, and the good news it that a sourdough loaf is totally yeast free. What it will require, however, is that you make a sourdough culture which will act as the raising agent.

This is a little time intensive – you need to grow your culture for a minimum of a week – but it's more than worth it for a super tasty loaf. And, let's be honest, it's not like we've got much else going on at the moment.

Read our step-by-step advice on how to make a sourdough culture.

3. Give flatbread a go

Not fussed about baking a loaf? Flatbread is a great option for lunch, or as an accompaniment to dinner, and required absolutely no yeast.

You can dip it in hummus, use it to mop up sauce in a curry, tajine or stew. Or, top it with sundried olive, tomatoes, pesto, or whatever else you fancy for a yeast-free take on pizza. 

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