How to cook tofu

This is the easiest guide to how to cook tofu ever – enjoy this veggie favourite at its best

how to cook tofu
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Always wondered how to cook tofu to make the best of this versatile bean curd? Tofu can be a wonderful addition to vegetarian noodle or rice dishes, as well as providing a great alternative to meat. However, it does need to be prepared and cooked correctly in order to be flavoursome. 

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How to cook tofu

To make tofu, you will need something to marinate it in. Don't skip the marinating bit, as you'll almost certainly end up with blandness. You won't be able to compensate by just seasoning it before cooking, either. We like marinating tofu in soy sauce, but you can also use beef marinade or vinegar. 


1. Press the tofu. This is an important preparation step that will ensure your tofu is of the best consistency. Note that this only applies to firm tofu packed with water, not 'silken tofu'. Drain the tofu, wrap it in paper towel and press with a heavy pan. Leave for an hour. You can leave it for less time than that, but the result won't be as good.

2. Marinate. Slice or cube the tofu and cover with the marinade of your choice in a mixing bowl. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for an hour. 

3. Coat the tofu in plain flour or breadcrumbs and seasoning (you might not need any if you used soy sauce, though). Fry in rapeseed or sesame oil for about eight to ten minutes. Don't worry about undercooking – it's perfectly safe to eat however long it's cooked. 

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