Bread recipes: homemade soda bread, tiger bread, naan and more

Our bread recipes are just what you need to take your baking to the next level. Think sourdough, soda bread, tiger bread, naan, pizza dough and more – we've covered them all

bread recipes
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These bread recipes are just what you need to hand, whether you're an amateur or star baker, or even if it's the first time you've ever even considered baking your own. So whether you're struggling to get your hands on a decent loaf, looking to liven up your evenings, the weekend, or if you simply want some fresh baking inspiration – bread making is the perfect past-time. 

Your preference may be for soda bread, you may still be perfecting the basic loaf, or you may be ready to graduate to the slightly more challenging tiger bread recipe; rest assured, that there are options for every level of experience below and they all deliver tasty results that the whole family will appreciate.

Most of our bread recipes require basic store-cupboard ingredients and there are options, with and without yeast (we know that this ingredient hasn't always been easy to come by in recent times). Find our roundup below, along with the best deals on bread makers if you want to make it super simple baking. 

Then head over to our food hub for more recipe ideas and inspiration. 

Bread recipes

These are our favourite breads: tasty, easy to make – and not all need yeast.

How to make bread (beginner's guide)

New to bread making? We'd recommend giving a basic loaf a go to help you master the basics. This recipe requires minimal ingredients and delivers super tasty results. If you're feeling slightly more adventurous,  you could also adapt it to make bread rolls, or try twisting your dough for a prettier outcome.

Bread rolls

Want to make bread rolls for snacks and sides this weekend? Well, this is a bread roll recipe with a difference: the dough is shaped into bunny heads, making them a fun thing for kids to get involved with cooking, 

Soda bread

As the name suggests, soda bread makes use of baking soda as its raising agent, as opposed to yeast. It requires no kneading or proving – in fact, you can have yourself a soda bread loaf ready to bake in a matter of minutes. And it's yeast free, which is handy to those with an intolerance or sensitivity. 

Tiger bread

Our tiger bread recipe is one to have in your arsenal if you like bread that's soft at the centre and crusty on the outside. Renowned for its signature stripes, tiger bread is a go-to for many when choosing bread in a bakery, or local supermarket. But, fewer people attempt it at home. 

Monkey bread

Monkey bread is not too different to tear and share bread, in that it's prepared as one loaf that can be torn apart easily with the intention of being enjoyed by many. That said, traditionally monkey bread is served sweet, as opposed to this tasty, savoury recipe we're sharing with you today,

Flatbread recipe

Not fussed about baking a loaf, specifically? Why not give flatbread a go? A great option for lunch – especially when served with a healthy serving of hummus – or as an accompaniment to dinner, it's quick and easy to make.

Naan bread

Always wondered how to make naan bread? A great accompaniment to curry and perfect for soaking up delicious sauces, naan bread can be enjoyed plain, or with plenty of herbs and spices.


Focaccia can't be beaten for its depth of flavour and versatility – you can top it with pretty much any variety of herbs and veg, depending on your preferences. Plus, we've recently been exposed to a new Instagram food trend: focaccia art.

How to make pizza dough

Pizza dough is technically bread, right? We're claiming it. And while most of us turn to takeaways or pre-made solutions from the supermarket when we want pizza, it's quicker (and easier) than you might imagine to make your own. From there, you can top your pizza with whatever delicious ingredients you have to hand.

Hot cross buns

Who doesn't love hot cross buns? Especially when they're toasted and loaded up with butter. We'll give you a second to think about it...

Freezing bread

Freezing your bread is a great option if you're looking for easy ways to make a loaf last a little longer. It's certainly worth thinking about if you don't eat bread very often, or tend to prefer your bread toasted. 

Find tips and tricks on freezing whole loaves, bread rolls and more in our guide to freezing bread.

Defrosting bread

Knowing how to defrost bread correctly makes all the difference between bread that tastes fresh, like it's just been baked, and bread that's gone soggy/stale/otherwise inedible. Click the link in the guide above to find out how to do it properly.

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