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Remember when we used to keep fruit and veggies in our fridge in their original packaging? (Or maybe you're guilty of still doing that?) Well, gone are the days of having to throw out your five a day after a short stay in the fridge. I've been using the latest innovation in meal prep and food storage, and it's safe to say I'll never be buying cheap meal prep containers or single-use food storage bags again.

Let me introduce you to the Zwilling Fresh and Save system (opens in new tab). I use it mostly for keeping my fruit and vegetables super fresh, which means that I'm making fewer trips to the grocery store — and I always have fruit to go with my morning oatmeal. Here's proof of how good they really are: I bought a head of lettuce and did my usual with it (unwrapped it, gave it a wash and a chop, and popped it in a container) only this time I put it in my glass Zwilling Fresh & Save container. It lasted for two whole weeks in my fridge. Yes, you read that right.

How does it work? You need to buy the kit as you'll need the vacuum sealer machine which is the star of the show here. It's compatible with the included containers and food bags. Put simply, it sucks the oxygen out of the container or bag with a touch of a button. When it's done it will turn itself off, and then you're ready to store. The containers and bags are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe. You can also put them in your freezer and in the oven (with the lids off). Use the bags to marinate your food in 30 minutes or to keep leftover pizza good for longer.

Honestly, it's one of the most useful kitchen gadgets I've come across in a long time, and since investing I've barely thrown any food away.

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