Working from home this week? Make life easier by ordering a monitor from Amazon

Tired of working from your laptop? You need a monitor in your life and Amazon are here to help

Ikea home office
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Working from home this week? Aren't we all. And while it has is perks – you can work from the sofa, get up a bit later, not change out of your PJs all day – working from your laptop all day, every day, is a pain. Literally, anyone else get back and neck ache from working on a laptop? We hear you.

The answer to a more comfortable working from home set up? A monitor. You can plug a monitor into your laptop and instead of having to stare down at your small screen you can set your much larger monitor at eye level. Just like being in the office, no? Minus the chit chat and pressure to offer tea every time you leave your seat.

Click below to shop all the monitors you can order on Amazon and head over to our technology hub page for more tech advice and best buys.

Shop monitors from £29.95 on Amazon
Just make your life easier and invest in a monitor. You don't have to spend loads either, prices on Amazon start from just £29.95! Our recommendation though is the HP 24w Full HD Monitor. It's £99.99 so a mid-price for a monitor, the design is thin and sleek and has a HD screen (great for watching Netflix on your lunch break). You also get a two year warranty. View Deal

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