Working from home long term? Check out these stylish buys

If your home work space is no longer temporary, make it fab with these great designs

Home office by Albert Table Light
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For many of us, working from home day to day started off as a temporary state of affairs back in the dim and distant past of, er, March. But many home offices that started out as short-term set-ups have now become spaces we’re going to be using for the long term – or maybe even permanently. 

Once you’re spending long hours in a room every day and you know you’re in it for the long haul, things you could put up with before become more pressing issues. In other words, fans of lovely interiors, the style and the comfort of your home office are probably on your mind.

If we’ve hit the nail on the head, be reassured: we have a solution. We’ve been browsing the home office range over at, and there are some brilliant buys that will make you glad to get to the office every morning. Want to take a look? We’ve selected our favourites below.

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1. Go for a super-chic desk Edelweiss desk

(Image credit: Edelweiss Desk | £249

It’s the centrepiece of your home office, so a desk that’s a beautiful piece of furniture is a must in our book. This one fits the bill. It’s a Nordic-inspired design that has a distinctly unbulky footprint, and we love the contrast of oak with black metal. Other plus points? A drawer and open shelving below the desktop so you can keep your working area uncluttered.

2. Think task lighting Albert Table Light

(Image credit: Albert Table Light | £39

You already had ambient lighting for your home office, right, but task lighting is a necessity now to avoid straining your eyes. This table light will look good on your desk as well as providing the extra illumination required. This is the rather lovely pink version of this light, but it also comes in a subtle muted grey and a mustard yellow that could inject an energetic accent into your work space. And at £39, it’s a snip.

3. Get a cool take on the office chair Lloyd Chair

(Image credit: Lloyd Chair | £169

We’re betting the desk chair you used to occupy didn’t look this cool. Don’t worry, you can still adjust the height and wheel yourself into and back from the desk on this retro-look version, plus it has padding that will make long hours comfortable. However, it won’t let the rest of the decor down while it’s fulfilling its function, and it’s just £169.

4. Organise documents (without plastic) Horizon Document Organiser

(Image credit: Horizon Document Organiser | £49

Did you put your papers and notepads into a gaudy plastic organiser in the office? There’s no need when you’re working chez vous is there? Made from metal and wood this design is so much more attractive and it even looks good empty.

5. Stash paperwork beautifully Stow Filing Cabinet

(Image credit: Stow Filing Cabinet | £299

Your job probably isn’t generating vast quantities of paperwork you have to store, but everyday life likely does. If so, this vintage brass cabinet is the place to keep it organised and to hand. So much better than a dull grey cabinet, don’t you agree?

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