What alcohol can you drink on a keto diet?

Recently started a keto diet and still getting your head around what you can consume? You can still enjoy a bevvy or two. Here are the best (and worst) alcoholic drinks for anyone on a keto diet

Mojito classic cocktail
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Starting a new diet can be hard – especially if you have changed your eating habits and feel like you are denying yourself lots of things you used to enjoy. Fortunately, if you are on a keto diet you already know that fat is definitely not off the table and you can eat nearly all the cheese, cream and bacon you like. But what if you are planning a night out – do you know what alcohol you can drink on a keto diet?

Like with any diet, water is your best friend. It helps keep you sated and is essential for overall health. Then, when it comes to alcohol watch how much you consume – as you should do anyway. It is advised that you drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week.

All alcohol products contain carbs and sugar, but some are worse than others. Follow these simple rules and you can enjoy your night out without ruining your keto diet.

1. Cocktails are one of the worst drinks for a keto diet

Cocktails are full of sugar. Many are based on fruit juice and have syrups added. Even dryer cocktails like a mojito have gomme syrup in which is basically just liquid sugar. 

2. Clear spirits are your new best friend

The best option for a keto diet when it comes to alcohol is clear spirits. Gin, vodka and white rum are all fairly low in sugar and carbs. Mix them with a sugar free mixer such as diet cola, soda water or low-calorie tonic water. Restrict the amount you drink, but one or two is not going to push you out of ketosis.

3. Read the labels on wine and beer

In short, beer and wine might have too much carbohydrate for a keto diet. You might think a dry wine is alright, but you may be surprised by the sugar content. Unfortunately, most wine and beer doesn't carry nutritional information on the label, but check if it does and look for a low sugar option. Google is your next port of call if you can't find the info you need on a label. There are plenty of bloggers who list the best keto wines and beers or look up products on MyFitnessPal to find the carb levels.

4. Wine is better than beer though

Beer tends to have more carbs than wine. When choosing wine remember that the sweeter the wine, the higher the carbs so dessert wines are a no-go. Red wines are usually slightly heavier on the carbs than whites at around 3–4 grams of carbs per small glass. To put it in perspective, Guinness is 14 grams per half pint and Fosters is 11 grams.

5. You can drink Champagne!

Don't go mad but sparkling wines are quite low carb. Check the label, but they are around 2 grams of carbs per glass.

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