We tried The Folding Lady's method for folding jeans - and it's a winner

We didn't manage to master her towel folding hack, but we loved the jean-folding method

the folding lady
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Neatly folded clothes are the difference between a Home Edit-style closet with everything to hand, and being attacked by cascading jumpers as you get ready in the morning.

With over 3 million TikTok followers and many videos that have amassed several million views, Sophie Liard, AKA The Folding Lady is something of a folding pro. We tried her method of folding jeans, socks, and towels - with varying degrees of success.

how to fold jeans

the folding lady

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After watching the (incredibly fast-paced and somewhat hypnotic) TikTok video about 13 times, we completed the jean folding trick successfully. It's a good small bedroom idea if you're tight on space, as it drastically reduces how much space jeans take up.

Do up the zip and any buttons before you begin, and fold the jeans in half as you normally would. Lay them flat and tuck in some of the material that sticks out on the seam, folding it towards you. 

This is really hard to describe - please consult the video. 


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Next, bring the bottom of the jeans up towards the back pockets, fold the waistband back over and tuck the legs inside so there's just one fold of denim material on top.

This is straightforward if you copy The Folding Lady's every move, and it makes a nice little parcel that can be put away vertically in your bedroom storage. If you're struggling on space, take a look at our best clothes storage boxes guide for simple solutions.

the folding lady

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How to fold socks

The Folding Lady's method of rolling up socks was also easy to do once we realized one needs to be inside out. Lay the sock that's the right way round on top of the inside-out sock on a flat surface. 


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Tuck the heal bit to the left, and start rolling the sock up from the toes. When you reach the top, tuck the top of the inside-out sock all the way around it to make a little bundle.

If that's your thing, great. It probably saves space but feels like a bit of a faff if we're honest.

the folding lady

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As for her towel hack, we tried, and failed. It looked similar to the jean-folding method but after a few goes, we gave up. 

So the jean-folding method we'd recommend. The socks, optional. And the towel folding was beyond us. For more satisfying organization ideas, take a look at our guide.

We'll leave her little bunny rabbit origami flannels until next time...

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