10 Instagram accounts to follow if you want to get organized

From the classics like Marie Kondo and The Home Edit to the more niche (but equally satisfying), these are the Instagrammers you should be following...

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New Year's resolution to get your home more organized? Annnd spend less time on social media? Well since you know the latter is not going to last past New Year's day, why not instead use your social media to help you out with your other resolutions? Sounds like a plan to us, so we have rounded up our fave Instagram accounts that will provide you with that motivation to get your house in order. Sure you might never be able to fold your clothes quite as small as Marie Kondo or color code everything to the extent of The Home Edit, but these grids may at least inspire you to throw out the tins that have been there since 2006 and sort out your pantry storage...

1. @simplify_in_style

If you need to see some incredibly organized pantries, wardrobes and fridges to kickstart your New Year's resolution, Danielle over on @simplify_in_style (opens in new tab) has you covered. You find hacks, handy buys and labels galore that are sure to leave you feeling inspired.

2. @abowlfulloflemons

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Toni Hammersley has a whole book on getting your home more organized, so you know you are in good hands here. If you a challenge to motivate yourself @abowlfulloflemons (opens in new tab) will help you conquer room by room, job by job – we expecting plenty of challenges in 2021, but if you are keen to get started, go back to week one of 2020's Home Organization Challenge and start there. 

3. @thecontainerstore

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We love The Container Store for all our storage needs, hence we love @thecontainerstore (opens in new tab) for all our storage inspiration! There's inspiration for every room over there and it's all super realistic and easy to achieve too. 

4. @thatorganizedkitchen

Ah, tea bags in order of color, how satisfying. And even if you don't have a tea obsession that warrants a whole drawer that needs organizing, you'll find plenty of storage ideas over on @thatorganizedkitchen (opens in new tab). There's also just some gorgeous kitchen ideas too. 

5. @thehomedit

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A classic, the gals over on @thehomeedit (opens in new tab) have all the storage solutions you need for a more organized 2021. You'll be queen of the label maker in no time...

6. @themodelhm

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For easy, achievable storage ideas head over to @themodelhm (opens in new tab). The first thing we are doing in 2021? Making our space under the sink as perfect as this!

7. @cleanmama

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Another great account if you need structure and instructions rather than just inspiring pics – @cleanmama (opens in new tab). Follow this account and you'll be given small tasks to do each day or every few days so you don't end up having to spend hours doing all your cleaning in one day. There are plenty of handy tips on each post too. 

8. @operationorganization

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Lots of beautiful (but easy) organization ideas at @operationorganization (opens in new tab).  We love how much has been squeezed out of this narrow cupboard thanks to just a few handy buys this cupboard space has been tripled.

9. @horderly

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Oooh, check out this before and after from @horderly (opens in new tab)! If this isn't motivation enough to get you sorting out even your messiest cupboards, we don't know what is. 

10. @mariekondo

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And of course, we had to include @mariekondo (opens in new tab), the original and the sole reason we have become so obsessed with trying to fold our clothes up as small as physically possible. Seriously though, there are some really great storage hacks on her grid, like this toy storage using a shoe hanger. 

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