Want to get your hands on the Echo Dot with clock before Christmas? This is your last chance to buy...

Look no further than the Echo Dot with clock if you're in need of Christmas gift inspiration. We think it makes the perfect stocking filler BUT it's almost sold out...

amazon echo dot with clock
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We're dubbing the Echo Dot with clock this year's must have Christmas gift. Why? Well, partly because it's a super handy piece of kit (more on that later) but also because it seems to sell out just as quickly as it's restocked. Honestly, we're struggling to keep up with where it is – and isn't – available.

So, if you're looking for last minute Christmas gift inspiration, you've come to the right place. One of the the best smart speakers around, according to our testing, this handy smart device makes the most of all of Alexa's sought after features – you can listen to music, set timers, receive weather updates and more – without a hefty price tag. 

Plus, its super stylish and streamlined design means it will slot seamlessly into even the smallest of homes – perfect if you know someone who's interested in venturing into the world of smart tech, but doesn't want it to ruin the aesthetics of their homes. And if all of that wasn't enough, it has a handy LED clock, which we think makes it the perfect addition to your bedside table.

So, if you can't (or don't want to) hang around until Boxing Day because you're planning on gifting this nifty little device to a techie friend or family this Christmas, you'll want to know where it's available to buy. 

The answer: Argos. But, stocks are suuuuper limited (as per usual) so we'd recommend buying quickly if you're seriously interested in getting one in time for Christmas.

Echo Dot with Clock | £59.99 at Argos
The third generation Echo Dot now has an LED clock/timer/temperature display. It also plays music, makes calls, controls your other smart devices and more, all from one place.View Deal

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