VQ just gave Alexa a retro makeover

And we love it...

VQ Hepburn Alexa

We know, we know, every new product seems to come with some form of voice control these days but what about a super cute vintage-style speaker complete with Amazon Alexa’s personal assist? Err, yes please! 

VQ, British makers of retro-styled radios, has introduced Alexa voice control to their iconic Hepburn design.

The speaker is fitted with dual Wi-Fi antennas, and you can ask it anything from 'What’s the weather like?' to 'What was number one in summer 1987?' (La Bamba for those wondering), just as you would with an Amazon Echo speaker. 

VQ Hepburn Alexa

(Image: © VQ)

As well as Alexa, the new Hepburn features Bluetooth, a 3.5mm auxiliary input, a USB port and, thanks to an optional battery pack, it’s also portable. 

The Hepburn Alexa, doesn’t go on sale until December (just in time for Christmas) but we do know that it will definitely be available in black, grey and white – and there are whispers of some designer collabs, so keep your eyes peeled.