Instagram says these kitchen trends are so out, but we disagree

Search and social data reveals which kitchen trends to avoid in 2022 and we have thoughts

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We all love keeping up with the latest kitchen trends, but a new report has revealed some news that we’re not so sure of. According to a study of Instagram, Google and TikTok searches, some of our favorite kitchen trends have been deemed ‘out’ but we, quite frankly, are having none of it.

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Kitchen zoning, built-in booths, integrated kitchen storage, checkerboard flooring and mix and match furniture are the design features that have been called old news according to the study by Atlas Ceramics

They compared the number of annual Google searches, TikTok views and Instagram posts tagged with these trend terms to give them a total trend score out of ten. Chequerboard floors get just 330 searches a year, while only 49 people tagged their 'Built in booth'. 

On the flipside, the most popular kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 included pendant lighting, with over three million annual searches and TikTok and Instagram users love a backsplash, clocking in over 100,000 views and more than 500,000 Instragram posts.

But before you rip out your banquette or buy matchy-matchy furniture, we want to show you the other side. If ever there’s an example of the danger of blindly following trends without really considering what works best for you, this is it.

Kitchen trends considered to be on the out

1. Kitchen zoning
2. Built-in booths
3. Integrated storage
4. Chequerboard floor
5. Mix and match furniture

David Mason is an interior designer from The Knobs Company with plenty of experience in the fine details of kitchen design. He's of the opinion that kitchen zoning is still a popular way to layout a kitchen, and that, on the contrary, it is in fact a growing trend.

‘I have seen a surge in people wanting zoning in their kitchens as it allows for a more efficient workflow within the space. This is especially popular with clients who entertain often or have large families, as it means the space can accommodate multiple activities at once,’ he says. 

grey shaker kitchen with banquet seating

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Tom Saunders, the CEO at Flooring Stores also disagrees with the idea that checkerboard flooring is on the out.

‘The checkerboard flooring trend is one that I fully support and I see no sign of this disappearing. The pattern is timeless and versatile – you can make it work for anything from a traditional style kitchen to something more contemporary and elegant,’ he says.

We've even seen many people painting a checkboard floor onto their existing tiles, showing this look is still sort-after. 

deVOL kitchen with old world feel

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We spend a lot of time looking at kitchens and beautiful houses, and from what we’ve seen, integrated storage and mix and match furniture are features that are very much still big news in the kitchen design sphere. 

Our kitchens are, generally, getting smaller, so integrated storage and built-in booths are always going to be a good idea. As for mix and match furniture – especially of the vintage and freestanding kitchen kind –sustainability is becoming more and more at the forefront of our minds, so we don’t see that going anywhere either.

At the end of the day, a kitchen is a huge investment that could last a lifetime, so it’s important to choose a design that you love and that works for your home, regardless of the specific trends of the moment. 

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