Cleaning fan warns against this TikTok carpet cleaning hack

'Please don't use soap powder on your carpets like that'

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A cleaning expert has warned against trying a TikTok laundry detergent carpet cleaning hack. People are sprinkling laundry detergent on their carpets - and putting it inside their vacuum cleaners.

But cleaning fan Ann Russell has explained why this is a trick to steer clear of, offering safer methods when it comes to how to clean the carpet

Of course, some TikTok hacks really do work - like the overnight oven cleaning hack we tried.

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But others could cause more harm than good, as a Fabulosa representative points out: 'Whilst "trendy" cleaning hacks are appearing more and more frequently on the internet, it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to the unintended use of cleaning products.'

In the video, Ann (@annrussell03) comments on a clip that shows someone pouring a budget laundry detergent powder onto the carpet to make it smell fresh. They also put it into their hoover before vacuuming, which could damage it.

As Ann explains, this laundry detergent carpet cleaning hack can cause a whole host of problems later down the line. 'Oh sweetheart, I get why you are doing it, and it seems a brilliant idea,' she begins.

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'But here is the thing, you are not going to get all of that powder out of your carpet. Which means that you're going to get a build-up of soap powder. If you have got kids, or if anyone goes on it with bare skin, it will be irritating.'

She goes on to explain that this particular cleaning trick will actually make your carpet dirtier because it's sticky. 'I know it smells great but please don't use soap powder on your carpets like that,' says Ann.

Ann suggests buying a vacuum extraction machine and washing your carpets without any soap if you have tried this hack. This will gradually remove the build-up of soap powder.

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She also recommends using one of the best carpet cleaning products like Shake and Vac - but only if you absolutely need to. Bicarbonate of soda is a good natural alternative, or you could try Fabulosa's budget Foam Freshener. Investing in the best vacuum cleaner you can and keeping on top of cleaning with regular sessions will help.

Ann's post has had thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from other TikTokers. Many who had almost tried it thanked her for her word of warning, while others said the hack had made their carpet smell worse.

'I love how you deliver your advice, it's with care and no judgement,' wrote one. 'I made this mistake once, had to hire a professional carpet cleaner,' said a second.

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