The viral TikTok office chair is FINALLY back in stock

Yes, you can sit cross-legged on it

Emiah Armless Office Desk Chair in beige leather in office on the left, with cut out image of the chair on the right
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You might have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, either that or you're not on the Amazon side of TikTok. I'll forgive you either way, but for anyone and everyone who works from home, you need to see this find. A TikToker took one for the team and bought this super comfortable (and pretty nice looking) Amazon office chair. No regrets were had. After posting a video of this find and going viral, the chair has pretty much been out of stock since. I mean, I totally get why.

Don't just take TikTok's word for it, either. Amazon reviewers have praised the plush seat with one noting that "this chair is honestly everything." The specs speak for themselves. It's designed to support you while you work thanks to it being totally adjustable, and it's wide enough for you to sit crossed-legged as you type. I thought its looks were the best part but clearly, I was wrong. You can wave goodbye to that eyesore office chair that you picked up from Facebook Marketplace all those years ago. Au revoir, adios, arrivederci, yasou...

This office chair is stylish enough to put in your living room or bedroom without wanting to cover it in clothes. Here's the Amazon office chair I am raving about (opens in new tab), in the flesh and currently in stock. The price of chic comfort isn't cheap ($219.99, to be exact), so I've also found two alternatives that are around the $140 mark. All are highly rated by reviewers, obvi.

Let's take a look at this viral office chair in action.

TikTok's viral Amazon office chair 

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