This window cleaning hack is easy, streak-free – and you don't need to shop for it

Stuck at home? Might as well give the windows a clean – with this one-product trick

Window cleaning solution
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Twiddling your thumbs? It's a nice day (mostly), and we've been looking for the best window cleaning solution because that's one job that's a) satisfying and b) might get you outside. But with so many DIY tips and commercial window cleaning products out there – and it being a non-essential item – which window cleaning solution will get yours streak-free? The good news is, you've probably already got it in the cupboard.

Of course, part of getting your windows spotless is in the technique (more on that in our guide to cleaning windows). Wiping off whatever you're using quickly, in a downward motion, rather than going around in circles, is key. But the right kind of product also matters. 

We do like giving our windows a good deep clean at least twice a year at Real Homes, and, more often than not, we don't have a specially formulated window cleaner to hand. What we do really enjoy using is...(drumroll please) washing up liquid. In truth, we think Ecover washing-up liquid – especially the Lemon & Aloe Vera type – is the best, so if you've got that at home, you can feel especially smug.

Yes, the best-selling plant-based washing-up liquid is great at tackling built-up dirt on windows, and it's easy to wash off without leaving any streaks too. We think that it works so well because it doesn't foam too much and doesn't contain too many ingredients that can leave a residue. Using any other type of washing up liquid? Just go easy on the amount you dilute into warm water. For best results, simply apply the solution with a lint-free cloth, leave on for five minutes, wipe it off (ideally with an e-cloth), and hey presto, shiny windows.