This new memory foam mattress range promises a Zen sleep experience

Zen is a new brand of memory foam mattresses, designed with a wellness approach to sleep

Zen orgopedic mattress
(Image credit: Zen)

We all want to know how to sleep well. Lots of recent research has focused on the crucial role of good sleep to our health and wellbeing – we now even know that lack of sleep is as bad for you as being drunk

Choosing the best mattress is absolutely essential to improving the quality and amount of sleep you get, but what does 'best' actually mean?

Introducing a brand new range of mattresses by Zen, a company that claims that it's applying a wellness approach to mattress making. The idea behind the products is that your mattress should promote calm and harmony. How does this translate into the actual properties of the mattresses? 

The main standout point is that the entire range of nine mattresses is designed with movement reduction and body-moulding properties in mind. These are achieved by expertly layering different densities of foam to achieve the most comfortable possible surface for a variety of sleeping positions and concerns. 

They're on our list to be reviewed – but you might be tempted by the prices; they make memory foam pretty accessible.

Zen Ergopedic Memory Foam Mattress| £399.99 - £699.99

An extra supportive mattress designed especially with back ache sufferers in mind, and combines two layers of memory foam: a soft and luxurious layer on top, and a firmer, supportive layer at the bottom.View Deal

Zen Luxury Quilted 1500 Pocket Sprung | £239.99 - £339.99

Truly luxurious, this mattress has the best of both worlds: a pocket sprung base and a luxurious layer of high-density, pressure relieving memory foam. A very versatile mattress for all sleeping positions. View Deal

Zen Superior Coolmax Mattress | £239.99 - £339.99

Perfect for sleepers who tend to overheat, this mattress features temperature regulating memory foam and a removable, washable cover.View Deal

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