Get a deal on Eve mattresses with the latest discount code

Treat yourself with a brand new mattress this February. It's Eve Sleep's 4th birthday, and there's no better time for a deal

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It's Eve Sleep's fourth birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with a great Eve mattress discount code? Offering customers £104 off their next mattress purchase, use the code BIRTHDAY at checkout to redeem. 

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This Eve mattress discount code means you can grab an Eve Original double mattress for £495 instead of £599, an Eve Premium double mattress for £745 instead of £849 or an Eve Hybrid double mattress for £345 rather than £449. What are you waiting for? 

Let's remember that you spend a third of your life in bed, and your mattress should ideally be changed every eight years, so in the grand scheme of things, these prices are quite affordable. In the cheapest case, that's a little over £40 a year you'll be spending. 


Eve Sleep | £104 off your next mattress 

Grab a mattress deal bargain this month: Eve Sleep are giving customers £104 off their next mattress with the code BIRTHDAY. Not valid on bundles, baby mattresses or single sized mattresses.View Deal