Eve mattress deals: £100 off when you spend £450

Treat yourself with an Eve mattress deal this June and you'll get £100 off. A comfortable night's sleep, guaranteed. Click for the code...

Eve mattress deal

On the hunt for an Eve mattress deal? A new mattress is a big buy, so it's best to be certain before spending your hard-earned money. Not only do you want to make sure it's the best mattress for you, but why not get a discount while you're at it if you can?

Before you buy, have a read of our Eve mattress review to see if it's the right mattress for you. In a nutshell, it's one of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy, which is why we gave it four stars. It arrives in the box to make life easier, and it's available in single to emperor sizes. It has a depth of 24cm and its fillings include three layers of foam with an anti-slip base and a moisture-wicking cover. We think it's the best mattress for those who are after a happy all-rounder.

Thanks to this Eve mattress deal, you can get £100 off a mattress purchase this month when you buy from their site and are planning on spending over £450. Simply use the code SUMMERNIGHT at checkout to claim. Scroll to see the deal.

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£100 off when you spend £450

From mattresses to toppers, pillows, duvets and bedding, buy your shopping list from Eve Sleep this June and when you use the code SUMMERNIGHT at checkout, you'll receive £100 off your next purchase when your basket exceeds £450. It's a no-brainer, right?View Deal

As it stands, these are the prices of Eve Mattresses thanks to this deal:

The Original Mattress

  • Original single mattress: £349
  • Original small double mattress: £499 £399
  • Original double mattress: £599 £499
  • Original king mattress: £699 £599
  • Original super king mattress: £799 £699
  • Original emperor mattress: £849 £749
  • Original EU single mattress: £399
  • Original EU double mattress: £649 £549
  • Original EU king mattress: £749 £649

The Hybrid Mattress

  • Hybrid UK single mattress: £349
  • Hybrid UK double mattress: £499 £399
  • Hybrid UK king mattress: £599 £499

The Light Mattress

  • Light single mattress: £279
  • Light double mattress: £399
  • Light king mattress: £499 £399
  • Light super king mattress: £599 £499

The Premium Mattress

  • Premium single mattress: £599 £499
  • Premium double mattress: £849 £749
  • Premium king mattress: £999 £899
  • Premium super king mattress: £1,149 £1,049

The Premium Hybrid mattress

  • Premium Hybrid double mattress: £849 £749
  • Premium Hybrid king mattress: £999 £899
  • Premium Hybrid super king mattress: £1,149 £1,049

Let's remember that you spend a third of your life in bed, and your mattress should ideally be changed every eight years, so in the grand scheme of things, these prices are quite affordable. In the cheapest case (The Lightest single mattress), that's a little over £34 a year you'll be spending. In the most expensive scenario of purchasing a Premium Hybrid super king mattress, that's still only £132 each year. Just under £11 a month!

In terms of accessories, the Eve Topper starts at £149 for a single, the Original Pillow is £59 while the Microfibre Pillow is just £35. Also, the Eve duvet starts at £45 while price depends on tog and size, and a single Eve mattress protector is just £35, with super king coming in at still only £55.


Eve sleep sale

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