Eve mattress discount code: up to 38% off mattresses for August 2019

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On the hunt for an Eve mattress discount code? You don’t need one, since Eve is currently offering 20% off site-wide on mattresses and bed frames, and all prices are reduced before checkout. Alternatively, head to Amazon for up to 38% off selected models and sizes. Find more below.

We at RealHomes.com understand that a new mattress is a big buy, so you’ll want to be certain before spending your hard-earned money. And, as well as making sure it’s the best mattress for you, why not get a discount if you can? Right now, the Eve mattress starts at just £223 for a single. We can’t believe it either.

Before you buy, read our Eve mattress review to see if it’s the right mattress for you. In a nutshell, though, it’s one of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy, which is why we gave it four stars. It arrives in the box to make life easier, and it’s available in single to emperor sizes. It has a depth of 24cm and its fillings include three layers of foam with an anti-slip base and a moisture-wicking cover. We think it’s the best mattress for those who are after a comfortable all-rounder.

Interested in more mattress deals? We’ve got the best of the best over on our dedicated mattress deals hub page.


20% off mattresses and bed frames
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Up to 38% off Eve mattresses at Amazon
While Eve is currently running a site-wide deal, some models and sizes of the Eve mattress are still cheaper on Amazon. Scroll below for price comparisons and where to purchase for the cheapest price.View Deal

Eve mattress

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The best mattress for back sleepers

Filling: Comfort foam/memory foam
Sizes available: Single - Emperor (including EU sizes)
Depth: 24cm
Comfort grade: Medium-firm
RRP: £349-£849
Warranty: 10 years
Trail: 100 nights
Reasons to buy
+Breathable foam construction
Reasons to avoid
-Pretty smelly (a new-foam/chemical odour) initially but it does fade-A little firm if you like a soft, receptive mattress

Today's best eve mattress deals...

As it stands, these are the cheapest prices on the internet of each size and style Eve mattress:

The Original Mattress

  • Original single mattress: £349 £249.99 at Amazon or £279 at Eve
  • Original small double mattress: £499 £359.99 at Amazon or £439 at Eve
  • Original double mattress: £599 £409.99 at Amazon or £479 at Eve 
  • Original king mattress: £699 £523.53 at Amazon or £559 at Eve
  • Original super king mattress: £799 £584.87 at Amazon or £639 at Eve
  • Original emperor mattress: £849 £679 at Eve
  • Original EU single mattress: £399 £279.99 at Amazon or £319 at Eve
  • Original EU double mattress: £649 £439.99 at Amazon or £519 at Eve
  • Original EU king mattress: £749 £552.10 at Amazon or £599 at Eve

The Hybrid Mattress

  • Hybrid UK single mattress: £349 £254.99 at Amazon or £279 at Eve
  • Hybrid UK double mattress: £499 £275.99 at Amazon or £399 at Eve
  • Hybrid UK king mattress: £599 £338.99 at Amazon or £479 at Eve
  • Hybrid UK super king mattress: £699 £559 at Eve

The Light Mattress

  • Light single mattress: £279 £223 at Eve
  • Light double mattress: £399 £319 at Eve
  • Light king mattress: £499 £399 at Eve
  • Light super king mattress: £599 £479 at Eve

The Premium Mattress

  • Premium single mattress: £599 £479 at Eve
  • Premium double mattress: £849 £679 at Eve
  • Premium king mattress: £999 £799 at Eve
  • Premium super king mattress: £1,149 £919 at Eve

The Premium Hybrid mattress

  • Premium Hybrid double mattress: £849 £679 at Eve
  • Premium Hybrid king mattress: £999 £799 at Eve
  • Premium Hybrid super king mattress: £1,149 £919 at Eve 

Remember that you spend a third of your life in bed, and your mattress should ideally be changed every eight years, so in the grand scheme of things, these prices are quite affordable. In the cheapest case (The Lightest single mattress), that’s a little under £28 a year you’ll be spending. In the most expensive scenario of purchasing a Premium Hybrid super king mattress, that’s still only £115 each year, or just over £9.50 a month.


Eve sleep sale
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Believe it or not, Eve sells a large range of other products apart from the amazing Original mattresses. In fact, they sell five more mattresses. Scroll to browse all the other products.

Eve mattresses | From £223
As well as the Original Eve mattress, Eve sells five more mattresses. There’s the Light Mattress, perfect for foam first-timers; the Hybrid Mattress for those who like springs and foam; the Premium Mattress and the Premium Hybrid mattress for those after a little more luxury; and the Eve Baby Mattress.

Eve The Toppper | From £149
To be used to add a luxurious layer on top of your current mattress, Eve’s mattress topper is made from pure foam. It has a cover on top for easy cleaning and it’s available in single to super king sizes. An ideal solution to an uncomfortable mattress if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg...

Best mattress toppers you can buy – Eve is second!

Eve Pillows | From £30
Need a new pillow to go with your new mattress? Eve has three to choose from. One mini pillow for children or travelling, a microfibre pillow and a memory foam version.

Eve Bed Frames | From £239
With something to suit every budget and every size room, these Eve bed frames range from modular to upholstered, tailored and even a storage-friendly bed frame. Take a look.

Eve Bedding | From £32
From linen to jersey bed linen and even brushed cotton, shop Eve’'s large range of bedding which includes pillowcases and duvet covers. They come in a range of different colours, too.

Eve Protectors | From £12 
Protect everything from your pillows to your baby mattress and your Original Mattress thanks to these Eve mattress protectors. You’ll be protected from everything including dust, mites and spills.

Eve Duvet | From £45
Choose your tog rating from 4.5 to 13 in this Eve duvet, which features microfibre inside that feels just like down. Eve also sells an anti-allergy duvet for those need one.