These smart blinds are stunning and they'll enhance your home security

Discover these stunning smart blinds from 247 Blinds – they'll enhance your home security without compromising on style

smart blinds from 247 blinds
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Smart blinds are an increasingly popular addition to the world of smart technology. And while many people's first response is either to be slightly overwhelmed by the super futuristic feel of smart blinds, or to assume that smart blinds are nothing but a gimmick, it's become pretty clear that they actually make a seriously handy addition to the modern home. 

How? Well, what if we told you that smart blinds can help give the impression that someone's home – even if they're not. Or that smart blinds can help you wake up more naturally, control the temperature of your home, and more. Pretty impressive, right?

Having teamed up with Somfy, the leading manufacturer of home automation products, 247 Blinds (opens in new tab) are proud to announce the launch of these super stylish smart blinds. Here's an insight into just how smart homes can enhance your home security, and more.

1. Smart blinds can enhance your home security 

If you're heading on holiday, or regularly work away from home, you may be concerned about the increased risk of burglary. After all, criminals are pretty clever and will often make the most of every opportunity to target an empty house. This is where smart blinds come in.

By sinking your blinds with your smart phone, it's easer than ever to give onlookers the impression that someone's home – even if they're not. Simply set your blinds to lower, as the sun goes down. And rise again in the morning.

You can further beef up this home security system by making use of smart bulbs, alongside your smart blinds. Simply schedule your lights to turn on during the early evening, and to turn off at the time you'd usually be out and about, asleep, or at at work – genius.

2. Smart blinds can help you wake up naturally 

Looking for easy ways to make dark, dreary mornings that little bit more bearable? We feel you. Studies show that waking up with natural light – as opposed to relying on a startling alarm – can instantly boost your mood and energy throughout the day.

And while many rely on the best wake up lights to see them through the winter, why not turn to nature itself? Simply schedule your blinds to rise as the sun does and start your day a little more gently.

Worried about relying on the sun entirely? You can set an alarm as a back up.

3. Smart blinds can help you control the temperature of your home

The beauty of British weather is how totally unpredictable it is. And while we don't often benefit from great weather, these last couple of summers have come to prove that when it's hot, it can be really hot.

Many people rely on shutters to keep their homes cool, so we think smart blinds could offer a viable solution. Think about it, if you can control your blinds from any location, it would be super easy to set your blinds to close when the sun is at its brightest in the summer months - preventing your home from getting too warm.

4. Smart blinds can make a stylish addition to your space

If, like us, you're an interiors obsessive, your main concern may be how unattractive smart blinds could detract from the aesthetic appeal of your beautifully styled home. But what if we told you that didn't have to be the case?

274 Blinds’ new range of motorised blinds (opens in new tab) offers a stylish – and smart solution – with a variety of designs and colours available to choose from.

smart blinds

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