Ikea reveals what we've been buying since stores reopened – you'll be surprised

We have all been desperate to get to Ikea since it reopened last week, but what was the first thing we all rushed to buy?

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We aren't going to lie – not being able to go to Ikea on a rainy Sunday has been one of the many many downers during lockdown. Obviously we have missed our families, sending the kids to school and going to the pub, but not being able to peruse the room sets in our fave homeware store hasn't been fun.

But in case you weren't aware, Ikea has reopened! One look at the queue and we were back to shopping online but a lot of Brits have been rushing to get buying. But what exactly is the nation so desperate to get their hands on? Well Ikea has revealed the most popular products sold in the first week of them reopening...

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1. Interior organisers

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How boring are we? Three months without Ikea and the first thing we rush to buy is organisers!? We have noticed that during lockdown a lot of us have been decluttering our homes and getting more organised, so it does make sense we want to stock up on good storage.

If you are after more storage tips, we have a whole hub page dedicated to getting your home stored so check that out. 

2. Boxes and baskets

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Basically more organising... Baskets are a great storage solution because they look so pretty but are practical too. Ikea do have some lovely, super affordable baskets too – the Fladis baskets is always a winner. They are fab for standing your houseplants in too. Just make sure you have a tray inside to collect water.

3. Frames

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Okay we are getting a bit more decorative here. Bet people have had a lot of time to look through old photos, discover prints they bought years ago and decided it's time to finally get them on the walls! Ikea is one of the cheapest places for great quality frames too! If you need tips on how to display photos, head over to our gallery of ideas. 

4. Artificial plants

Ikea fake flowers

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Because we have all had enough of gardening! Time to buy some plants we can't kill. Ikea does great fake flowers and plants, their fake eucalyptus is a personal fave and apparently real eucalyptus is really hard to get hold of at the moment so grab this instead.  

5. Home desks

Ikea bedroom with home office

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Well obviously. So many of us are still working home at the moment and it could potentially be a full-time thing, so a good desk is important. We've done enough weeks working from the kitchen table/the sofa/bed – time to create a proper home office.

If you want to check out our pick of the best desks, head to our buying guide. 

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