These are Marie Kondo's 10 best Prime Day best buys*

*Assuming Marie Kondo shops Prime Day, that is. Well, it sparks joy with millions and Ms K does love storage solutions, so why not?

Marie Kondo
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If Marie Kondo shopped Amazon Prime Day – and why would she miss it? – these are the storage buys we believe she'd opt for. They're not just random finds from the Deal of the Day page. Nope, we like to think of ourselves as experts in KonMari – Marie Kondo's house tidying and decluttering method. So, we've selected the best storage and decluttering bargains we could find that we just know would spark joy in the Queen of Clean(ing up). 

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1. Large storage boxes with lids: that's every room organised

Trofast lego storage

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These are the kind of storage boxes Marie Kondo wants you to have in your garage, loft or shed to keep all those big bits of clutter well organised. Think: all your kids' garden games in one; all your garden hand tools in another; all your family's archive photos in yet another. Why clear? Because the contents are easy to identify without the lids coming off; and lidded because they'll stack neatly. Sorted.

See all Amazon's lidded storage boxes now.

Really Useful storage box – was £20.96, now £12
We LOVE these 35 litre clear lidded boxes: the handles lock the lids in place to keep the contents secure, the recess in the lids enable the boxes to be stacked positively for increased rigidity and creates a safe storage area, and they're see through so you can see inside. Smaller, 19 litre boxes are on sale too, at £8.63 (RRP £11.99)View Deal

2. Garden storage – Marie Kondo your outdoor space

There's NO WAY Marie Kondo lets her garden storage get out of control. You know all those things that never find a home – from tools to garden furniture cushions. And we reckon even the smallest of gardens can have storage that's really useful and good looking for hiding away everything from tools to the lawnmower. Here are our favourite buys. We bet Ms Kondo's got similar at home.

Garden storage shed: was £85, now £59.49
This Keter Store-It Out Midi outdoor plastic shed is so elegant, you wouldn't know it's made from plastic. It won't fade and is weather-resistant.View Deal

Outdoor storage box: was £149.99, now £99.99 | Save £50
Garden Trading are renowned for making great garden products, and this small Aldsworth storage box is no exception. And at £50 off, it's a steal. Made from spruce and zinc. View Deal

3. Home office storage – Marie Kondo your home admin

modular storage from Elfa with stationery racks and magazine holders

(Image credit: Elfa)

Marie Kondo is very into putting lots of smaller items into categories and neatly filing them into dividers. So, in a drawer, you might have your lipsticks in one; or all your reading glasses in another; perhaps your coupons in another. In a home office, it's all about dividing paperwork in a paperwork divider. So, bills in one section, doctors' letters in another... You get the idea. We think Marie Kondo would approve of the expanding file below – it fits on a shelf or a desktop neatly.

Want drawer dividers to keep all your other bits and pieces tidy? Find all Amazon's drawer dividers now.

Snopake Eligo desk storage expander – was £9.89 now £5.99
Marie Kondo's bound to KonMari her household's paperwork, right? Well, you can too with this elegant expanding organiser. It's got 13 sections and fits A4 documents. it comes with colour-coded tabs.View Deal

4. Clothes storage to keep the bedroom neat

Clothing storage

(Image credit: Ikea)

Want to give your bedroom a decluttering boost? You'll need better storage. These two Prime Day clothing storage buys are ideal. They can be freestanding or hidden behind wardrobe doors or a curtain. The closet organiser will fit in a hallway, too, for brilliant shoe storage. 

MaidMAX Over Door Storage, £14.99
This handy over door storage unit has four spacious pockets for stowing scarves, gloves, jewellery and makeup. It has two heavy duty hooks and a subtle polka dot design that looks cute in a bedroom (and beyond). Great space saver for small rooms.View Deal

Woodluv retro bedside table: was £74.99, now £44.99
This neat (40cm x 40cm x 61.5cm) two drawer bedside table might be compact but it has tons of storage to keep your bedroom clutter free. But why limit it to bedrooms? We think it's perfect for living rooms, too. Needs assembly, but at that price, it's worth it.View Deal

5. Kitchen storage – organise, prioritise, mobilise 

Ikea shelf insert used to double space in a kitchen cupboard

(Image credit: Ikea)

Practical shelving is a must-have in a kitchen that's getting cluttered. There are lots of ways you can improve your kitchen shelving: from shelf organisers to freestanding kitchen shelves that can stand in one corner and wheeled out when needed. So why not invest in a few shelf organisers, a freestanding shelf or two and some labelled jars? Marie Kondo would still say that you should keep what you use most often at the front, and relegate least used items to the back – but at least you'll be able to see them on an organiser.

See all Amazon's shelf organisers now.

Corner Add A Shelf Plate Rack | Was £12.99 now £9.99
This handy corner rack can create extra space in a kitchen cabinet. Use it to keep bowls, plates or food organised in your cupboards. The wide base means it won't topple. We love it.View Deal

VonShef Set of 5 Glass Storage Jars | £20
Need a  way to store pasta, rice, your favourite seasonings or any other dried kitchen essentials for that matter? This set of five glass storage jars has 25 per cent off now. You can also label the jars with chalk to make them look nicer, too.View Deal

6. A label maker – everything in its place

Labels on jars made by Dymo S0717930 Omega Home Embossing Label Maker

(Image credit: Dymo S0717930 Omega Home Embossing Label Maker)

Not all storage boxes can be see-through, so if you've got a stack of neat lidded boxes in your kitchen – perhaps holding everything from vouchers to spice packets, you'll love a label maker to keep them well signposted. The Dymo is Amazon's best seller, but you can browse all Amazon's label makers now.

Dymo Omega Label Maker – was £21.11, now £12.33
Ooooh, you'll love the intuitive turn and click labeling system, the ergonomic soft touch handle with rubber grip and the pre-loaded 9mm wide embossing tape. We can feel our fingers itching to get organised...View Deal

7. A T-shirt folding board for shirts and trousers, too!

Clothes folding board by Shard Global sales at Amazon

(Image credit: Shard Global Sales/Amazon)

You're no doubt familiar with Marie Kondo's folding tips – she has a unique way of folding (then standing up) everything from clothes to towels and bedlinen. Not quite got the hang of it, despite our step by step? Get yourself this folding board and you'll have it down pat in no time. And yes, we're pretty sure it's the one that Sheldon uses on The Big Bang Theory, too.

See all Amazon's clothes folding boards now.

Clothes folding board – was £13.99, now £7.99
Fold clothes in three seconds into a uniform size to store in your wardrobe. Seriously, you'll make Ms Kondo look like an amateur. It folds T-Shirts, trousers, sweaters, long sleeve T-shirts and tops, jeans, towels and sheets. View Deal

8. An air purifier – to declutter your home's air!

Vax air purifier in the corner of a hallway

(Image credit: Vax)

Marie Kondo really likes to declutter the air in her home (really). How does she do it? She opens her windows to let the fresh air in. But what if you've got a window that looks out on to a busy road, or you're going out for an hour or two, or the neighbour's having a bonfire or you have hayfever? Well, your next best option is an air purifier. 

We've just reviewed Dyson's amazing Pure Hot + Cool, which is an air purifier, fan and heater. It's not cheap, but it is a three-in-one. The Vax ACAMV101 air purifier (above) has £20.99 off at the moment. 

Otherwise, see all Amazon's air purifiers here and see the best Prime Day air purifier deal below.

toyuugo Air Purifier | RRP £129.99, now £67.99
If you’re after an entry level air purification unit for a bedroom, this is a smart option. Complete with HEPA filter and a silent sleep mode option, it’s perfect for a house share scenario.View Deal

9. Tidy up with the best Prime Day cleaning product deals

Cleaning products on a floor

(Image credit: I Want Wallpaper)

What do you need to do when you've decluttered, cleared out drawers, sorted out a cupboard, pulled everything out of the loft? Have a good wipe round before it all goes back, that's what. Happily, we've scoured (get it?) Amazon for the best Prime Day cleaning product deals. From vacuums to e-cloths, you'll find all you need. Just go to our dedicated Prime Day cleaning deals page or shop Amazon's cleaning deals now.

6 packs of Dettol cleaning wipes – was £36, now £14.99
Had a good clean out? Now all you need to do is a quick wipe around. But let's not be silly and spend too much. Marie Kondo wouldn't want that. With this deal, you'll get over 756 wipes (that's six packs) for under a tenner. Bargain doesn't even cut it.View Deal

10. Marie Kondo's tidying up books... and a cut-price Kindle

Bookends with storage

(Image credit: A Place For Everything)

Marie Kondo has penned a few books now, including her latest – a children's book that aims to spark an interest in tidying up in children. And her books are all discounted at the moment. Would she put her own books on her favourite buys list? 

Well, maybe not. But we say, if you're going to go ahead and get a few copies yourself, download them on to your Kindle (great discounts on them, too). You don't want all those new books cluttering up your shelves. Ms Kondo would not approve of that. Ooooh joy would not be sparked by that.

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever: book; Kindle edition
  • Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying: book; Kindle edition
  • Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship: book

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