These Aldi kitchen bargains are budget-friendly but brilliant – don't miss 'em!

Aldi's kitchen buys have everything you need to revamp your kitchen post-Christmas – from tea towels to slow cookers

Aldi kitchen buys deals
(Image credit: Aldi)

Some fab new Aldi kitchen buys are hitting the aisles this week and they couldn't have come at a better time. The Christmas holidays exhausted a whole load of our kitchen supplies and for those of us who consider our kitchen a bit of a haven that just won't do! 

So, here's a roundup of the products on offer. If you're an Aldi fan you already know the quality is great and the price is even better so we're sure that their new kitchen buys won't disappoint. Stock up on everything from bakeware to a stove top kettle! These products also are super suited to the season, promising hot dinners and drinks with minimal effort when you need them most (yep, we're looking at you slow cooker and travel coffee cup).

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1. Stove Top Espresso Maker, £6.99

Stove Top Espresso Maker

(Image credit: Aldi)

We're ready to achieve the perfect espresso without having to part with cash every time. You can make around six cups of espresso on any hob (includes induction). We love the classic yet stylish design. Those early mornings aren't sounding too dismal anymore.

Stove Top Espresso Maker, £6.99

2. Kirkton House Stove Top Kettle, £12.99

Stove Top Kettle

(Image credit: Aldi)

We love the classic feel of a stove-top kettle – there's just something so lovely about making your brew the old-fashioned way. This model uses innovative design with silicone covered handles for style and practicality. Suitable for all hobs including induction. 

Kirkton House Stove Top Kettle, £12.99

3. Ambiano Digital Slow Cooker, £27.99

Ambiano Digital Slow Cooker

(Image credit: Aldi)

Slow cookers are the culinary magicians that all households need, especially when it's winter time. When it's cold out and you're back to work, the kids are back at school and you're responsible for the swimming, football and music lesson runs as soon as the bell rings, there's no time for cooking! That's why we're such huge fans of digital slow cookers which do the work for you. This model lets you time for 30 minutes to 20 hours and then automatically turns itself off... it also has a keep warm button. It really does have it all.

Ambiano Digital Slow Cooker, £27.99

4. Grey Reuseable Glass Travel Cup, £3.99

Grey Reuseable Glass Travel Cup

(Image credit: Aldi)

We all need to be mean on green this year and why not start when we wake up? Buying a reusable coffee cup is the perfect way to be kind to the environment and to your pocket. It's made from borosilicate glass which is known for its durability and can be chucked in the dishwasher and the microwave. What's more, it's super handy to travel with as it features a slip resistant silicone grip so that coffee in hand commute isn't so daunting!

Grey Reuseable Glass Travel Cup, £3.99

5. Triangle Print Tea Towels 3 Pack, £2.99

Triangle Print Tea Towels

(Image credit: Aldi)

These funky triangle print tea towels will make a cute addition to your kitchen and replace last year's that are (let's face it) worn out. Made from 100 percent cotton, they're soft and durable. You can chuck them in the washing machine at a temperature of up to 40ºC. Easy and lovely. 

Triangle Print Tea Towels 3 Pack, £2.99

6. Small Marble Effect Square Bakeware, £4.99

Marble effect square bakeware

(Image credit: Aldi)

The bakeware at Aldi is such an ideal purchase for amateurs and star bakers alike. These trays are non-stick and high quality while also having a stunning marble effect finish. Oven safe up to 230ºC... did somebody say 'cake'?

Small Marble Effect Square Bakeware, £4.99

7. 12 Cup Muffin Tray, £6.99

12 cup muffin tray

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you need to stock up on new bakeware post Christmas due to burnt Yorkshire puds or an MIA tray post lending it to a neighbour to make cupcakes, these 12 cup muffin trays are a great buy. They're super cheap and the unique marble effect is cute and means your baking trays will never mysteriously go missing again!

12 Cup Muffin Tray, £6.99

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