The cloffice trend is all over Instagram – could it revolutionize your WFH space?

Move over, alcove home offices: the cloffice, or desk-in-closet, is the new wfh trend everyone's talking about

Colourful cloffice in London
(Image credit: Pufik Homes)

Have you head of the cloffice trend? If you haven't and you have limited space for a desk at home, you need to know about it. Last year was all about people sharing creative small home office ideas, with desks and chairs making appearances under stairs and in corners of living rooms and dining rooms, but we'll bet you anything that the cloffice is here to stay, and that more and more people will utilize their unused bedroom closets to create one-of-a-kind working from home spaces. 

What is a cloffice? Describing it as a desk-in-a-closet pretty much nails it. Some closets already have pretty much everything you need for a functional workspace – that is, they already have shelves at the correct level for putting a laptop or desktop on top of the lower shelf. 

However, most built-in closets are more like blank canvases for custom-building a unique space. Some people choose to put a shelving unit inside the closet, which is a way around having to do lots of DIY and shelf fitting. But the biggest trend right now is custom fitting an actual desk and bespoke shelving inside the closet, then painting the inside a contrasting color. 

A navy-blue and white combo is particularly popular on Instagram right now – not only does it photograph well, but it also looks very calming and soothing – just what you need to concentrate on work in a busy household. Another option is to contrast a neutral and a vibrant or even electric shade, which is what the owners of a colorful and eclectic home in London have done. The cobalt blue looks absolutely stunning, and we expect lots of copies of this design in the coming months. 

A colourful cloffice in a London home

(Image credit: Pufik Homes)

And how much would a cloffice project cost? It turns that not only is it super-easy, but can also be done very cheaply. Instagrammer Jenna Parker shared her cozy new cloffice space and said that all she spent on it was $36 – for the wooden plank that made the shelf. The on-trend polka dot design was made using leftover paint from other DIY jobs. Not bad for turning an unused corner into a stylish home office.

But the best thing about having a cloffice, in our view, is the ability to completely shut it away at the end of the day – thank god for those closet doors!

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