The 10 most wanted second-hand items revealed – it's time to cash in on clutter

Need some extra cash after buying all those Christmas presents? You might be sitting on a fortune without knowing it

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Been thinking about decluttering for years, but not got round to it? It turns out there may be a financial incentive to finally braving that attic/basement/garage. Depending on what's lurking in your 'to sort through later' pile, you could be looking at making a small fortune if you manage to sell your stuff. Property experts Good Move have compiled a list of most wanted second-hand household items, based on average monthly Google searches, and the results are encouraging. 

It turns out that you don't need to discover a Ming Dynasty vase in your attic; in fact, the most wanted second-hand item is books. Of course, a single book is unlikely to make you much money, unless it's a rare first edition, but if you've got hundreds of books you don't need, you could make a tidy little sum. 

Second-hand phones and gaming consoles also come up high in search, with plenty of people happy to buy a second-hand device at a huge discount rather than chasing the latest model. Sofas have also been revealed as highly desirable, with many people unwilling to fork out for a new one.

Personal hobbies and sports accessories also inspire Internet users to search for bargains, with bikes and golf clubs both making it into the top 10 list. Inherited a Rolex watch? You're in luck: many models retain or even increase in value. Finally, if your wedding dress is gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe, it may be time to say goodbye – and make a bit of money in the process. With many new wedding dresses costing upwards of £1,000, it's no wonder that many women choose to buy a second-hand dress. 

Convinced? It may be time to revive that Ebay account and put your stuff up for sale. Or, if you're not interested in selling, put it up on Freecycle, and at least have a New Year's clear out. 

See the full list below!

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1. Books - 12,100 monthly searches

Unless it's a special edition copy or a particularly rare title, it’s perhaps unlikely that a single book is going to sell for a lot, but this one is all about quantity, not quality. In 2018, books were the most searched for second-hand household item, so scan your bookshelves for those unwanted novels and textbooks and get them sold.

2. iPhones - 9,900 monthly searches

With new phone models constantly hitting the shelves, many Brits will have old handsets lying around the home, with fancy upgrades rendering older devices redundant. But just because you no longer need the phone, it doesn’t mean that no-one else would want it, with the iPhone 6 the second most searched for used household item in 2018.

=2. Playstation 4 - 9,900 monthly searches

While people are generally against the idea of buying expensive products second-hand, it appears that Sony’s Playstation 4 bucks the trend. The PS4 was the most searched for second-hand games console in 2018, so if you’ve stopped playing yours as much as you used to, it might be worth putting it up for sale - there’s certainly a demand for them.

4. Sofas - 8,100 monthly searches

There’s a lot of interest online in second-hand sofas, with the steep price tag of brand new models often putting people off. Used sofas were the most searched-for second-hand pieces of furniture, so if you have a spare in your house, or are looking for an upgrade, then consider selling rather than just throwing it away.

=4. Bikes - 8,100 monthly searches

Cycling is a great way to get exercise while exploring your local area, but if you have a bike and you simply aren’t getting your use out of it, then someone else will. The same applies to children’s bikes that have been outgrown. Declutter your garage and make some money! 

6. Wedding dresses - 6,600 monthly searches

The bride’s wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the ceremony, but once the big day has been and gone, just how likely are you to ever wear it again? Rather than letting it gather dust in your loft, take advantage of the huge online interest in second-hand dresses and swap it for cash.

=6. Xbox One - 6,600 monthly searches

The interest in second-hand games consoles doesn’t stop at the PS4, with its main rival, the Xbox One, also popular in the market. As long as your console works well, it can sell for good money online, with second-hand games also desirable.

8. Golf clubs - 5,400 monthly searches

Golf clubs - a staple of the British garage. If you’re one of the many Brits who once considered golf as a new hobby, before gradually losing interest, get rid of those clubs and earn yourself some money. 

=8. Watches - 5,400 monthly searches

Watches are another good seller in the second-hand market, especially if they are made by a designer brand. Rolexes are the main attraction, with many models retaining or even appreciating in value.

10. Office furniture - 4,400 monthly searches

Taking the last place on Good Move’s list is office furniture, with people looking for bargain pieces to kit out their home study. If you’ve got a spare desk or work chair lying around, get it listed online and someone could take it off your hands for a nice sum.

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