Subscribe to this broadband deal for £100 in shopping vouchers AND a free Amazon Prime membership

This Virgin Media broadband deal really is incredible...

Virgin Media broadband deal: Limited Edition package graphic
(Image credit: Virgin Media)

Looking for a broadband deal this November? Whether you're sick of your current provider having slow speeds, you've come to the end of your 'cheap' period in your current contract or you're just having a nose, this is the best broadband deal we've seen in a verrrrry long time. In fact, we're not even sure that Black Friday broadband deals will be better than this.

What's on offer? Virgin Media now have a limited edition package on their site that includes broadband, TV and line rental for £60 per month. It also comes with a £100 shopping voucher valid at John Lewis, Debenhams, M&S or Amazon. And just to better, they've also thrown in a free 12 month Amazon Prime membership, too. This should help out with Christmas shopping – whether you're thinking food, presents or booze.

Just one thing to note: There is a £35 set-up fee to bear in mind. Other than that, this broadband deal really is amazing. Scroll for more details.

Limited Edition Bigger bundle + Movies + Kids Pick | 12 months | 213Mb | £60 per month
This Virgin Media package is an absolute bargain. It comes with a huge range of 250 channels including Sky Cinema HD and 11 kids' channels, and it's topped off with super strong 213Mb broadband, as well as free weekend line rental AND both freebies. Total price for 12 months: £755.View Deal

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M50 Fibre Broadband + Phone | 12 months | 54Mb | £28 per month
This is Virgin's cheapest broadband offering and even then, speeds are good, the monthly price is a bargain and it comes with line rental. Even better? It comes with a £50 shopping voucher. Total price for 12 months: £371.View Deal

Bigger bundle + Sports and Movies | 12 months | 213Mb | £79 per month
This Virgin Media package is a great option for those who love watching movies equally as much as watching sports. It includes 250 channels including Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD and BT Sport 4K Ultra HD, as well as weekend line rental. Wi-Fi speeds are a hefty 213Mb – plenty enough for large households with 10+ devices inside. Of course, this deal includes a £100 shopping voucher AND an Amazon Prime membership. Bargain. Total price for 12 months: £983. View Deal