Student? Here’s the nine month broadband package you need

Finish your broadband deal in June and leave yourself more £££s for the summer holidays next year. The student broadband deal you need is right here

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This Jetstream broadband deal is not only the best option for students who spend June, July and August at their parents’ houses, but it’s the only broadband package out there that offers a nine month-only contract. It’s also ideal for renters who aren’t sure where they’ll be in nine months’ time. 

Currently just £18.99 per month – that’s £4.75 each person if you’re sharing a four-bedroom house – this cheap broadband package means more money for you to spend on dried pasta and shots of vodka (all the uni essentials, really).

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Jetstream Lite Fibre Unlimited Broadband | 9 months | Avg speed: 17Mbs | Price per month: £18.99 | Delivery £9.99
This nine-month student broadband deal from OneStream is your best bet if you want to make a saving and don’t fancy paying for services you’re not using come next summer. While it doesn’t have the most amazingly fast broadband speeds, it’s plenty for scrolling. You may have to do your essay research in the library sometimes, but you’ll probably find it easier to concentrate there, too. Yes, it‘s a blessing in disguise.

With other student wi-fi options coming out at over double this price per month, we think it’s worth considering, especially when you factor in the other bills you’ll be paying. Every little helps, right? Total price for 9 months: £180.90.View Deal