Student broadband deals: 8 internet deals students can afford

These student broadband deals start at just £13.99. Some also include a free speaker to whip out at pre-drinks and there's a 9 month contract in there so you won't have to pay during summer...

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Starting university? First thing's first: student broadband deals. Unless you want to scroll Instagram and use Snapchat eating into your monthly data and run up a bill? We're guessing not. 

While we completely understand you want the cheapest student broadband deal possible, it makes sense to purchase one that's a nine month contract rather than 12, so that in the long run you're not spending as much money. Or, if possible, one that includes a freebie. Maybe you and your housemates want a TV and broadband deal? Or you're after a package where you pay absolutely nothing up front – we get it! 

Below, we've rounded up the very best student broadband deals for you to opt into this September. We've also listed their total price for the contract length, so you can work out how much you'll be spending for the year divided by you and your housemates. You're welcome...


These are the best student broadband deals available. Get sorted before you get packing...

1. The 9 month student broadband deal

Jetstream Lite Fibre Unlimited Broadband | 9 months | Avg speed: 17Mbs | Price per month: £18.99 | Delivery £9.99
This nine-month student broadband deal from OneStream is your best bet if you want to make a saving and don’t fancy paying for services you’re not using come next summer. While it doesn’t have the most amazingly fast broadband speeds, it’s plenty for scrolling. You may have to do your essay research in the library sometimes, but you’ll probably find it easier to concentrate there, too. Yes, it‘s a blessing in disguise. Total price for 9 months: £180.90.View Deal

2. The freebie student broadband deal

Vodafone Superfast 2 | 18 months | Avg speed: 63Mbps| Price per month: £23 | Upfront: £9.99
For the low price of £23, you can score a cracking broadband deal with Vodafone this month. With a very decent 63Mb average speed as well as nothing to pay up front, it's even better the fact it comes with a landline phone included. Also, if you purchase this package now, you'll get a FREE Amazon Echo Plus. Total cost for 18 months: £276.View Deal

3. The cheapest student broadband deal

Onestream Flow unlimited broadband | 12 months | Avg speed: 11Mb | Price per month: £13.99 per month | Upfront: £9.99 
This offer from Onestream is for Wi-Fi at just £13.99 per month and is the cheapest broadband deal around. It includes top download speeds of 17mbps, as well as no usage caps and a FREE Onestream router. There's a delivery charge of £9.99 which should be noted, and for those who need a new line installed, there'll be an extra charge of £59.99. Total cost for 12 months: £177.87 (without new line charge).View Deal


NOW Fab Fibre + Entertainment Pass | 12 months | Avg speed: 36Mbps | Price per month: £30.99
Yes, NOW have started doing internet! One of the cheapest broadband providers out there at £25 per month, and right now they're giving the option to add an entertainment TV package for £5.99 each month. Included is the best of Sky programmes as well as over 300 box sets. Currently, there's no upfront cost if you opt into a 12 month contract, or £50 if you don't want to. Total cost for 12 months £371.88.View Deal

5. THE ROLLING student broadband DEAL

Hyperoptic Fast Broadband | Rolling Contract | Avg speeds: 50Mb | Price per month: £26 | Upfront: £20
This Hyperoptic broadband deal isn't on a contract, it works on a rolling basis so if you'd like to cancel after your nine months at uni, you just need to give 30 days notice. It also includes free installation and a router, as well as unlimited data! Total cost for 9 months: £254.View Deal


Virgin Media M100 | 12 months | Avg speed 108Mbps | Price per month: £33 £26| Upfront: £35
At just £26 a month, Virgin's most affordable super fast fibre optic broadband deal just got even better. With weekend calls included, it's a cracking deal. There's an average internet speed of 108Mbps, ideal for fast internet surfers. However, it's worth using the postcode checker below to see if you can get it though, as only 60 per cent of the UK qualify for Virgin. Also, there's a one-off cost of £35. Total cost for 12 months: £421.View Deal


BT Superfast Fibre for Students Only | 18 months | Avg speed: 50Mb | Price per month: £29.99 | Upfront: £9.99
Enjoy superfast fibre broadband that's perfect if you frequently enjoy streaming and catch-up TV, as well as 200Gb of cloud storage and the option for half price BT Sport. Oh, and it also includes a FREE JBL Sound Bar worth £149.99. Total price for 18 months: £369.87.View Deal


Post Office unlimited broadband | 12 months | Avg speed: 11Mbps | Price per month: £17 £15.90
One of the cheapest broadband prices right now, the Post Office is currently offering not just unlimited broadband for this cheap monthly price, but line rental and free weekend calls are also included AND it's free upfront. If you're asking us, this is a cracking broadband deal. There's also no upfront or delivery fees. Total cost for 12 months: £190.80.View Deal


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