Spring cleaning this weekend? Lidl to the rescue with these budget buys...

The Middle of Lidl's spring cleaning buys are fresh on the shelves and the prices... bang tidy, as usual

Lidl's spring cleaning buys
(Image credit: Lidl)

This weekend we're thinking spring cleaning... so we've been casting about for kit that's not going to break the bank. As usual, we've found a ton of great buys in the Middle of Lidl. There's everything from tidy-up storage solutions (inspired by Mrs Hinch's Narnia) to a cleaning robot. Nowhere near a Lidl? We've thrown in a few of our favourite buys at the best prices from elsewhere, too. 

And if you're looking to spring clean your spring cleaning cupboard with new products and gear, we've got a dedicated cleaning page packed with buys, hints, hacks and advice. 

1. Universal Under-Sink Shelves, £8.99

Lidl storage unit

(Image credit: Lidl)

Mrs Hinch calls her under-sink cupboard Narnia and to be honest, we're living for the childhood reference. Putting a bit of whistle while you work childhood spirit into cleaning can transform it from a mundane task into somewhat of a guilty pleasure (weird, but true). Space is at a premium under the sink so fitting a storage solution with eight sliding shelf panels maximises the space that you have! This model has adjustable shelves and can take 4kg per shelf. Oh and it can be adjusted to fit around drains and the likes. 

Universal Under-Sink Shelves, £8.99

2. Silvercrest Handheld Steam Cleaner, £14.99

Lidl steamer

(Image credit: Lidl)

This steam cleaner is effective and easy to use, heating up in just three minutes and including an extension nozzle, angled nozzle, upholstery nozzle, window cleaning attachment, round brunch, extension hose, measuring cup and funnel. Seriously, all of that for £14.99? If that's not value for money, what is? The powerful steam jet disinfects and  degreases, acting as the perfect tool for a deep spring clean. 

Silvercrest Handheld Steam Cleaner, £14.99

3. Aquapur Radiator Clothes Airer, £3.99

Clothes airer from Lidl

(Image credit: Lidl)

This clothes airer is suitable for radiators as well as baths and balconies and what's more, it can be folded for storage. This is a buy you need to get your hands in if you'r washing pile seems to grow exponentially and you can never find space to dry everything. It even includes a fold-out extension for extra space (it has a length of 4.5metres).

Aquapur Radiator Clothes Airer, £3.99

4. Cassetti Storage Boxes, £5.99

Lidl storage boxes spring cleaning

(Image credit: Lidl)

If in doubt, storage will save you. Storage solutions are the spring cleaner's weapon. Whether you're confronted with a mountain of toys, leftover holiday decorations or guest bedding, storage boxes are always a good idea. Head down to Lidl and grab a few of these stackable boxes. Choose between a two pack of 13 litre boxes or a four pack of 4.5 litre boxes.

Cassetti Storage Boxes, £5.99

5. Vileda VR One Cleaning Robot, Was £119.99, Now £79.99

Cleaning robot from Aldi

(Image credit: Lidl)

Ok, is this not just the spring cleaning device of dreams? Who would have thought that eventually you wouldn't even need to leave the sofa to vacuum the floor (urm, even the corners, edges and under the sofa). The navigation system is excellent and the 500ml dust box makes for easy maintenance after your robot has done the job. It can run for 80 minutes once charged and comes with a rechargeable battery, charger and maintenance brush. 

Vileda VR One Cleaning Robot, Was £119.99, Now £79.99

6. Livarno Living Fabric Shoe Rack, £17.99

Lidl shoe storage rack

(Image credit: Lidl)

If you don't have a shoe rack, you need one. What's more, you don't need us to tell you you need one... just look around at the shoes, everywhere. This organiser is super handy and stable with a metal frame and 16 reinforced compartments. It'll safe you time, space and general faff. It's also easy to assemble with hook and loop fastening and a plug in system.

Livarno Living Fabric Shoe Rack, £17.99

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