Snatch these 5 Amazon Prime Day bargains to beef up your home security

Want to improve your home's security without spending a fortune? Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to do so – there are tons of offers on great buys, from video doorbells to cameras

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Amazon Prime Day is the best time to get your home security sorted – the holidays are upon us and they're a really tempting time for thieves, so getting your home kitted out before you go away makes good sense. And then, by the time Christmas comes, you can be confident that your home is fully protected. And if not, there's always Black Friday...

Don't want to spend a fortune on home security buys? Shopping Amazon Prime Day is a wise move: the retail giant is known for its great home security range AND it's offering brilliant discounts. If anything, we'd say they were a steal...

Below, we've listed our favourite home security Amazon Prime Day deals – and a few great buys that aren't on special offer that we think you should have anyway if you're looking to protect your home.

1. Smart plugs – to make it look like your always home

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Smart plugs should, in our opinion, be your first step when creating a connected home. Why? They give you a taster for what it's like to live in a smart home without you having to spend out too much. Quick rundown: download the relevant app, plug the smart plug into your socket then plug in your non-smart appliance, light, music system, then instantly control them via the smart plug from your home. Genius. The upside? You can control everything from afar to make it look and even sound like you're home when you're not. Way to go to confuse those burglars.

Amazon's smart plug is an obvious Prime Day target, but there are lots of other smart plug brands on Amazon you can get Prime Day discounts on – or just great deals on. See below for this Prime Day's deals.

And see our buyer's guides to the best smart plugs to work out which one suits you most – and read our jargon-free smart plug beginner's guide to find out more about them.

Hive Active Plug was £29, now £21.79 | save £7.21
Control appliances from your smart phone, track your energy usage and expand your existing smart home system with the Hive Active Plug, one of our top rated smart plugs.View Deal

Energenie MIHO109 Wi-Fi smart plug – 35% off
This smart plug works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control it via your smart speaker or phone to take control of your appliances from anywhere in the world. Connects with Wi-Fi.

Woox Smart Plug  | Was £12.99 now £7.99

Looking for a smart plug deal this Prime Day? This one is just £7.99, it's compatible with Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home devices, and the Woox Home app lets you control it remotely. Ideal if you're always convincing yourself you've left your straighteners on after you've left the house.View Deal

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug by TP-Link | Was £29.99 now £13.99
Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, this smart plug can turn trad gadgets into smart ones. It can work with any Wi-Fi router (no need for a separate hub or paid subscription service), and you can control it from your phone. Find out more about the best smart plugs in our buyer's guide.View Deal

2. Whole house security systems – alarms deter burglars


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Whole house home security systems, especially if displayed visibly, will put off most burglars. Amazon Prime Day is a great time to shop for this at discount – and there are tons of categories so that you can get just what you need. One of our favourite brands is Arlo, which has a healthy discount on it. Check it out below, and jump to Amazon's security pages to see other deals and buys, too.

Ring Stick Up Cam on Amazon | Was £179.99, now £89.99
This deal is selling out fast, and rightly so. It it battery operated and can be put up either indoors or outdoors to monitor your home. Check the app from anywhere in the world – a great buy before summer holidays.View Deal

Arlo Pro 2 wireless home security camera system save 10%
This wire-free security system offers high quality, 24 hour video recording, motion alert, three second look back, can be used indoors and out, has night vision and works with Amazon Alexa. It's a great all-rounder.

3. Smart lightbulbs – make it look like you're in

Don't forget smart lighting as a really cost-effective option for making it look like you're in when you're not. You can control smart bulbs from your smartphone – perfect if you're away but want to make it look like you're in. Use these links to jump straight to the deals: 

LIFX Smart Light Bulb  E27 (4-Pack) was £195.96 now £152.77
Download the app, fit the lightbulb and you're ready to say, 'Alexa, turn on my lights'. Can be controlled from your phone, tablet or watch, too; colours range from bright to pure white. 

4. Home security cameras for indoors

the best home security system: canary all in one

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Whether you want to monitor what's going on inside your home because your alarm system has gone off (and you're away on holiday) or because you're suspicious that your teenager's quiet night in involves 80 of their closest friends, a wireless indoor camera that you can set up to monitor from your smartphone seems like a no-brainer. See the best Prime Day deals we've found below; and don't miss all of Amazon's smart indoor security cameras on their dedicated page.

YI Home Security Cameras 30% off

Looking to enhance your home security set-up in time for summer? YI Home Security Cameras offer 360 degree perspectives, night vision and motion detection. Plus, they currently have 30% off. Bargain.View Deal

5. A video doorbell – so you can always see who's calling

Ring smart doorbell

(Image credit: Ring)

Video doorbells are cited by burglars as being one of the most off-putting additions to our home security systems. If you're a newbie to them, they will be a revelation. You simply install, download the related app and from then you'll be notified when – and be able to see – anyone approaching your front door. Ring is Amazon's newly acquired own brand, and it's on sale today. There are tons of other makes – find all Amazon's video doorbells here.

Want more guidance? Find all the best video doorbells in our buyer's guide, and discover all you need to know about video doorbells in our expert feature.

Ring Video Doorbell | Was £89 now £69 @ Amazon
A cheap price for a video doorbell and the cheapest price we've EVER seen, Ring's first edition video doorbell is at an all-time-low price of £69. It's available in two different finishes, it's compatible with Alexa devices and it works in any home whether you'd prefer to wire it in or not.View Deal