Slow cooker deals: Create healthy and easy meals with sales on Crock-Pot, Instant Pot and more

We've tracked down the best slow cooker deals running right now on Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart

slow cooker savings
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Looking for a way to create healthy meals with minimal effort? We've got slow-cooker deals that will make it oh-so-easy. With social distancing being strictly enforced, we're avoiding stockpiling and excessive supermarket trips where possible. That means using up fresh produce with creative and healthy slow cooker recipes. If you're working from home and faced with replacing school lunches, slow cookers are a perfect way to bulk-cook and keep a crowd happy. You can zone in on work and not worry about cooking as these slow cookers and instant pots do all the hard work. 

With the coronavirus pandemic taking off nationwide, you may not be able to visit your favorite restaurant. But not to worry, we've been covering delicious slow cooker recipes for comforting classics such as rice pudding to indulgent Moroccan lamb. These great slow cooker and instant pot deals will save you time, money and effort, and with many multi-functional models also on sale, the possibilities are endless. 

Slow cooker savings: our top picks

Instant Pot savings for even more options

What's the difference between a slow cooker and an instant pot? Well, instant pots (or multi cookers) come with slow cooking functions but also offer more programmable settings, such as rice cooker and pressure cooker options. 

You'll get infinite options with a slow cooker, including the abilities to cook cake and cuts of meat, but instant pots will offer you even more. That means you'll pay a little more, but get even more cooking options. If that's a trade-off you'd like to make, we've got some stunning multi-cooker deals lined up for you.