These are the safest states in America – perfect if you're looking for safety and tranquility

These are the safest US states to live in, according to a new study

Peacham farm in Autumn, Vermont
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Living somewhere safe possibly has never been higher on many people's lists of priorities when moving home. Although safety is a fundamental and timeless need, the pandemic has heightened our need to feel secure in our neighborhood, town, and, ultimately, the wider community that can be our county or state. 

Now, brand-new research reveals where you should be looking for property if safety is your main concern. The study by Wallethub has evaluated all 50 states for all kinds of measures of safety, from the obvious ones like crime rates to less obvious (though not less important) ones like rates of online bullying of high school students. Unemployment rates and Covid vaccination rates also were taken into account. The results are in – and these are the top three safest states in America right now. 

1. Vermont

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont

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It's no surprise the tranquil state of Vermont came in at number one. It has just the right balance of personal safety, financial safety, road safety – you name it. Although it didn't score the highest in any one category, it's the overall score that has placed it at the covetable 'safest in the US' spot. 

We can only speculate about why Vermont is so safe, but we bet that the facts that it's sparsely populated (especially in comparison with nearby states like New York), with high levels of financial security, and a high proportion of green open spaces in the state have a lot to do with it. 

2. Maine

Portland head light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Portland head light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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We are fascinated by the study's statistics from Maine. On the one hand, it's the state with the fewest law-enforcement employees in the US, bar one (Washington). And yet, it has the fewest assaults per capita in the country. Impressive. 

Maine has other things going for it apart from ultra-low crime rates. It is undeniably beautiful, the housing is affordable, and it is known for tight-knit, supportive communities. It won't give you exciting nightlife, and winters are harsh, but for someone looking for tranquility, these are small drawbacks. 

3. New Hampshire

Sunrise on Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

Sunrise on Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire

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Another sparsely populated state on the list, New Hampshire is the safest place in the US for workers – it has the lowest rate of occupational injuries than anywhere else in the country. It also boasts extremely low crime rates, low numbers of road accidents, and low unemployment rates, making it a wonderful place to raise a family, or retire. 

New Hampshire also has beautiful lakes, hiking trails, and affordable housing in smaller towns and rural areas. It's a no-brainer for anyone looking for a quieter life with outdoor activities.

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