Revealed: the Mrs Hinch cleaning product haul that caused a sell out rush from fans

What was the Mrs Hinch haul that sent fans flocking? Here are the essential cleaning products to stock up on

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Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch – aka Sophie Hinchcliffe – has shared her order of cleaning products – and sent fans flocking to the Poundshop site. So many of her 3.5 million followers converged there to follow her cleaning lead that shortly after posting on Instagram Stories she revealed the Poundshop site had crashed as they rushed to snap up the cleaning bargains.

Fans of the cleaning influencer’s advice won’t be surprised to hear that she’d put plenty of her favourite cleaning products into her basket. But as she unpacked her box, Mrs Hinch revealed that even she hadn’t remembered exactly what she’d ordered when she stocked up on the products she uses to keep her Essex home clean.

There were buys for her garden and for son Ronnie’s first birthday among the haul, but when it came to cleaning what were the Mrs Hinch-recommended essentials? Here’s the lowdown.  

1. Zoflora

If you’ve ever checked out Mrs Hinch’s Insta feed, this buy will be no surprise. She was delighted she’d found a big bottle online, and in her favourite Springtime scent. 

Hinchers know that Sophie uses Zoflora for loads of cleaning tasks, including on kitchen worktops and in the kitchen sink.

We recommend using it to clean floors, as a spray for upholstery, curtains and mattresses, and as an air freshener – among plenty of other cleaning jobs. Definitely one to have in your under-sink cupboard. 

2. Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster

Mrs Hinch restocked on Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster: her go-to shower screen, tile and plughole cleaner. It’s a really nifty cleaner for tough stains, and promises to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria.

3. Harpic Active Fresh 

It’s another regular for the clean-fluencer, and Mrs Hinch kept up supplies of Harpic Active Fresh Cleaning Gel with her online order. She says it’s one of the best toilet cleaners she’s ever used. We like the freshness of the Mountain Pine scent, too.

4. Stardrops White Vinegar Spray

Another cleaning essential Mrs Hinch took the opportunity to replenish her supply of? Stardrops White Vinegar Spray. She uses it to clean her jewellery – with impressive results – as well as in the kitchen.

5. Cif Outdoor Multipurpose Cream

Mrs Hinch bagged herself some Cif Outdoor Multipurpose Cream, and it’s the ideal time of year to follow in her (pristine) footsteps so you can get garden furniture and the kids’ play equipment clean.

6. 151 Adhesives Sticker Remover Kit

The 151 Adhesives Sticker Remover Kit Mrs Hinch included in her order was a find she was chuffed with, she revealed. She says she struggles to get stickers off jars, and hadn’t been able to find a kit in the shops. 

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