The 5 surprising interiors trends Netflix’s Bridgerton is bringing back - are you a fan?

Millions tuned into period drama Bridgerton - and it seems to have sparked somewhat of a revival for traditional, Regency era interiors...

outside the Bridgerton family home covered in wisteria
The Bridgerton family home
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s period drama Bridgerton was the perfect escapism this winter, serving us through Crimbo limbo and beyond. There were stolen glances across the ballroom, many a promenade and - most importantly - the wisteria-covered Bridgerton home and its lavish interiors. 

Millions of us tuned into the series, playing a mental game of Cluedo to work out who Lady Whistledown really was. And it turns out the hit series has inspired many of us to add a touch of Regency-era decor into our own homes. Bridgerton bedrooms alone have surged in popularity, with an 81 per cent increase in Google search since the show aired. 

These are the Bridgerton interior design trends we can't get enough of.

inside a large room from Bridgerton

(Image credit: Netflix)

The prettiest trends to incorporate into your home. 

The sleigh bed

Sleigh bed

(Image credit: Time4Sleep)

The first item that’s seen a rise in popularity since the show dropped on Netflix on Christmas Day is the sleigh bed. 

'Sleigh beds are a beautifully versatile choice as the curved edges exude regal sophistication that is sure to stand the test of time,' explains Jonathan Warren, director at bed specialist Time4Sleep.

Thanks to its curved edges and sturdy yet elegant silhouette with both a headboard and footboard, the grand 19th-century bed certainly makes a statement.

It’s no surprise that more of us have been taking to Google to look for a bed to match the grandeur of those on the show. Who wouldn’t want a bed that makes you feel like you’re climbing into a sleigh every night?

It’s a brilliant way of making the bed the focal point of a bedroom and will complement more modern interiors elsewhere in the room. Alternatively, add some opulence with a soft fabric headboard in a bold, floral print or a subtle plain pastel. 

Sleigh bed | Wayfair, £791.66

Sleigh bed | Wayfair, £791.66

Create a similar look with this hand-crafted sleigh bed in mahogany and rattan from Wayfair


layered pillows and cushions against a soft material headboard

Add luxury with layering 

(Image credit: Christy)

Next up is layering. Adding a mixture of different textures and tones into a bedroom by using cushions, bedsheets and throws is a simple way to build a luxurious feel. Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy, suggests using a 'subtle colour palette with stand-out patterns' when layering.

She says, 'Start with a pale gold sheet topped with an elegant warm white or gold duvet set featuring a damask design before adding accessories.' 

Bridgerton’s bedrooms often have muted tones with bold patterns and lots of gold detailing.


Woodchip and Magnolia wisteria wallpaper in cornflour blue

(Image credit: Woodchip and Magnolia)

There was also a rise in search for wisteria following Bridgerton’s launch. For those of us without a beautiful façade like Daphne’s family,  wisteria patterned wallpaper could be a subtle nod to the Georgian style. Woodchip and Magnolia's wisteria wallpaper comes in cornflour blue and yellow.

Wedgewood Blue  

living room from Bridgerton featuring period furniture and pale blue soft furnishings

(Image credit: Netflix)

A light blue similar to that of traditional white and blue china was everywhere on Bridgerton, from the wallpaper to the furniture, and it was even mirrored in Daphne and her mum’s empire waist dresses. This pastel blue is sure to be making a comeback after the air time it had on the show.

The Roman blind

blue roman blind

(Image credit: 247 Blinds)

Finally, we have the Roman blind. Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds says 'Roman blinds are a great choice for the bedroom as they add an element of sophistication but are also very practical as they help to block out almost all light, leading to a better night’s sleep.'

So not only will a Roman blind add style and a certain softness to a room compared to a Venetian blind, it also brilliant at blocking out the light. Go all-out Bridgerton with a pale blue, or perhaps a regal colour scheme with a botanical pattern.

a bed from Bridgerton in blue

(Image credit: Netflix)

With a further eight series approved by Netflix, it’s just a matter of time until Bridgerton-inspired opulence makes its way into our homes.

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