Looking for an Our Place Always Pan alternative? I found this highly-rated Amazon beauty for $110 less

Snag this Our Place Always Pan alternative for all your cooking needs

Two terracotta color Goodful pans with lid on beige background. It is a great Our Place Always pan alternative as it looks similar and has similar features
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I’ve been on the hunt for an Our Place Always Pan alternative for months as I cannot stop raving about mine. Several members of the Real Homes team have the original, including me, and we all give it five stars for function and style. However, the 2.0 version is around $150.

So, when I found an Always Pan alternative online and on sale for $39.99, I was thrilled. Just like the OG and 2.0 Always Pan, the Goodful pan available on Amazon offers multi-style cooking options, so whether you want to sizzle some eggs or serve up a whole one-pot meal, it has you covered — with bigger capacity, too.

It can be used as a frying pan, sauté pan, stock pot, and more, thanks to its versatile size and shape. Plus, it’s very close aesthetically to the gorgeous and deservedly viral Our Place pan. The best part? It's on sale now and will most likely be discounted in the Amazon Prime Day sale coming up on July 16.

Why I love the Our Place Always Pan alternative

Whilst I've not got my hands on this Amazon dupe yet, there are two main reasons I think it's a suitable alternative to the OG. Mostly, the price. Goodful's lookalike pan is only $49.99, and currently discounted to $39.99, while the Our Place standard 10.5" Always Pan is $150. 

This means it’s a third of the price and an unmissable bargain. Especially since my experience of the original Always Pan saw it lose its non-stick surfacing a year into use and need replacing (the manufacturer has since launched the 2.0 version to remedy this). 

However, with the eye-watering cost, I'm now looking for an alternative and the much cheaper cast aluminum Amazon All-In-One Pan has great features I think competes well with the Always Pan.

At 4.4 quarts, my Amazon find has more capacity than the Always Pan 2.0, which stands at 2.6 quarts. That gives you way more space to cook up a storm, so you can make meals for friends or better yet, batch cook without worrying about running out of pan space.

Oh, and while there are usually 10 Always Pan color options, none are on sale on Amazon. Meanwhile, my Goodful versatile cookware find has seven options on Prime including terracotta, sage green, lilac frost, graphite, crimson red, and blue mist, though some are on Amazon for $39.99, whilst other hues are $49.99.

Either way, it's still a bargain, and comes rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars by shoppers, plus it's Amazon's Choice, which marks particular items such as this as a good way for customers searching for similar items to quickly spot highly-rated, well-priced and available items with ease. Brands cannot pay to have this label so it's a mark of Amazon's unbiased product preferences.  

With this alternative pick, you can flambe, poach, pan fry, boil, saute, stew and deep fry. It has a multi-layer non-stick coating, and is lighter than a cast-iron skillet. I also love that it works with induction hobs and is safe to pop in the dishwasher (the lid, too), which you cannot do with the Always Pan 2.0: a hand-wash only item.

My only snag on this alternative is that it can't be put in the oven like the Always Pan (as per the manual), I found it interesting that lots of reviewers use it in the oven anyway, and note the handles get very hot. I personally wouldn't recommend doing this as manufacturers do copious testing and if they advise avoiding oven use, it's best to follow the instruction and extend the life of your cookware.

However, at this bargain price point, I'd recommend buying a companion oven dish such as the 5-star Amazon's Choice Mora Deep Porcelain Baking Dish which will still leave you with money in the pocket!

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

Goodful All-in-One Pan | Was $49.99, now $39.99 at Amazon

Size (in.): Volume: Non-stick?:Comes with: Made from:

Goodful All-in-One Pan | Was $49.99, now $39.99 at Amazon

Size (in.):
H3 x W20.5 x D11
Volume: 4.4 quarts
Non-stick?: Yes
Comes with: Spatula
Made from: Aluminum

Able to hold more for a cheaper price, this Our Place alternative is an amazing Prime Day kitchen buy. Shoppers say it’s the best pan ever, noting that it’s a great all-rounder and easy to clean, too.

If you are still totally in love with the official Always Pan and willing to part with the bug bucks, I honestly don’t blame you, it is a TikTok fave after all. 

Our Place 2.0 Always Pan | $150 at AmazonSize (in.): Volume: Non-stick?: Comes with: Made from:

Our Place 2.0 Always Pan | $150 at Amazon

Size (in.): H5.7 x W19.9 x D10.7
Volume: 2.6 quarts
Non-stick?: Yes
Comes with: Spatula, steamer basket
Made from: Aluminum, metal

The Real Homes team and Selena Gomez (who’s even done an Our Place collab) really love the Always Pan. multi-functionality are are hard to beat. We’ve tested the original (that's the one I had that lost the non-stick after 12 months use) and the 2.0, which has remedied the issue I encountered and fell in love with both.

More Goodful cookware

Looking for more non-toxic cookware to stock up the kitchen? I found more great picks from Goodful, available on Amazon, including another Our Place alternative on sale now. Just make sure you know how to clean a non-stick pan the right way so you don't damage the coating and your Goodful cookware stays in good condition.

Amazon shoppers say it's a brilliant alternative to other much more expensive all-in-one style pots and pans and bought it after searching for dupes like I have.

Whether you’re looking for a bargain or if you’ve had your heart set on the Always pan for the longest time, it's a great time to invest in some new cookware. Looking for some more Amazon deals? This bestselling air fryer is a great buy with over 53k reviews from customers who love it.

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