On a budget? Primark is the place to head for smart wireless audio buys

Got teens? Always losing/breaking your headphones? Primark has got a ton of great buys – from speakers to earphones – at brilliant prices

Primark wireless tech
(Image credit: Primark)

What you up to this weekend? We're off to Primark for some wireless audio tech. Really. Who knew tech could be so affordable? For those of us who are always losing, breaking or treading on our headphones, ear buds and speakers (we're looking at you, teens), it's a wise move. Who wants to spend tons of cash on this stuff when that's going to (inevitably) happen? 

Primark's wireless audio range is in store now – check out our favourite buys, below. And if you can't face the in-store experience, we've listed our top online picks, too.

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1. Primark wireless headphones, £12

Black wireless headphones from Primark

(Image credit: Primark)

These wireless buys have everything you could want from a pair of headphones: a foldable design, six hour playback, a mic and a Bluetooth range of more than 10m. What's more, they've just hit the stores in an electric red and we are not complaining. That and the dusty blue newly on offer are colours sure to put anyone in a good mood, in spite of the dreary weather. 

Wireless Headphones, £12

2. Wireless earphones, £8

Primark wireless earphones

(Image credit: Primark)

Yes, you can see a wire but that is just to help this handy audio gadget to hook around so that they don't lose each other. Also, the built in magnetic features hold the ear buds together in your bag so don't you worry about the woes of tangling wires! These have a six hour play back time and come with extra ear buds.

Wireless earphones, £8

3. Khaki Wireless Speaker, £12

Khaki speaker wireless

(Image credit: Primark)

There's just something about khaki, isn't there? Whether you're looking for a speaker to accompany you in the garden, little boy or girl's room, it's got you covered with its funky, versatile colour. And, yep, we said garden... don't forget there's no need for a plug thanks to the wireless design. 

Khaki Wireless Speaker, £12

4. Pink Shower Speaker, £9

Primark pink shower speaker

(Image credit: Primark)

This isn't the first time we've said it and it definitely won't be our last... how cool is this idea? We kind of wish we'd invented the shower speaker but someone got there first... and then Primark made it affordable and offered loads of colours. Aaaah, singing in the shower just got a whole lot more necessary. 

Pink Shower Speaker, £9

5. Minnie Mouse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, £10

Primark wireless minnie mouse speaker

(Image credit: Primark)

As cute as they come, this Minnie Mouse speaker is the perfect little gift for your little one. The adorable Minnie Mouse print on the front promises it'll never get 'mistaken' for a sibling's speaker and the high quality reminds us that Primark doesn't compromise on style or quality, just because its low prices might try to trick us!

Minnie Mouse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, £10

Pssst! These fab True Wireless Earphones (below) are going to be hitting the stores in mid-April so don't miss out!

Primark airpods

(Image credit: Primark)

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