NEWSFLASH! Aldi Specialbuys are sold at Amazon! This is not a drill...

There's no need to rush to your local Aldi every Thursday and Sunday: you can now buy selected Aldi Specialbuys from Amazon! With Prime Delivery...

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Obsessed with Aldi's Specialbuys? We've been there (we're actually still there) – as soon as Aldi drop their Special buys every Thursday and Sunday, we're the first people to head onto their website and start browsing. 

The only problem? If, like us, you live in London and Aldi stores are like gold dust, you'll have to pay a delivery charge on Specialbuys, if they can even be purchased online that is. Not anymore! Aldi Specialbuys can now be bought on Amazon, so you'll no longer have to trek to your local store or lug a nest of marble tables on to the tube (you know the ones we're talking about). What. A. Game. Changer.

Now for the best part: Aldi's luxury candles can be purchased on Amazon, saving you the trek to your local store to stock up on your favourite scent (and leaving with £50-worth of extra buys you didn't intend to buy and don't actually need). 

While not every single Aldi Specialbuy can be bought on Amazon (yet), we think it's just a matter of time. At the moment you can access all the candles and reed diffusers you could ever need, plus the odd burger press or plastic bowl. Oh, and don't forget Kevin the Carrot – he's available to purchase online, too. 

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