Mrs Hinch inspired this under sink storage... and it'll change your life

Mrs Hinch calls her under sink storage area 'Narnia'; if yours is hellishly stuffed with who-knows-what, you'll LOVE this buy

Mrs Hinch inspired the Studio under sink storage unit
(Image credit: Studio)

Mrs Hinch is famous for her love of cleaning. But – whether you're a devoted Hincher (as her followers are called) or not – there's no denying that even the most organised cleaning enthusiast can struggle with under sink storage

Mrs Hinch loves her super tidy under sink storage so much she calls it 'an under sink Narnia'. By which, we assume, she means it's a magical place full of wonders. Go take a peek at yours now (or close your eyes and imagine it. No don't). If it's anything like ours, it's not only a mess, it's also packed with tons of repeat buys we hauled home from the shops because we couldn't see what was in there in the first place. 

So... we were over the moon to discover this new under sink storage buy at Studio. Inspired by Mrs Hinch's organised space, it's a must-have for taking everyone's kitchen storage to another level of organisation.

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Let's face it: for most of us, the space under the kitchen sink is a chaotic space stuffed with random cleaning products (some of them years old), stray cleaning cloths, and the millions of plastic bags we all seem to accumulate through years of food shopping. But there is a way out of this under-the-sink hell: the Under Sink Storage Set from Studio.

What could possibly be so special about under-the-sink storage? Well, we have to concede, this one is actually pretty clever, because it's modular. The difficulty with fitting any kind of shelving is all the pipework that's in the way. 

This unit gets around the problem by being made from a basic structure to which you can then add shelving panels that simply clip on. It's extendable too, so will fit most under the sink areas. And it's only £9.99. Move over, Mrs Hinch, now we can all have our own Narnia.

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