5 weird cleaning hacks Mrs Hinch wannabes should try

Love Mrs Hinch's cleaning hacks? Want to reduce the number of cleaning products you use? Most of what you need to clean your house is already in your kitchen and bathroom

Mrs Hinch cleaning hacks: cleaning stains from a carpet
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We all know Mrs Hinch loves cleaning hacks with Zoflora. But if you're gearing up to giving your house a nice big clean for autumn, want to avoid forking out on tons of new cleaning products, and are already convinced about the magical properties of bicarbonate of soda, there are more cleaning hacks* that use only the products you already have for other purposes. Here, we reveal five of the weirdest cleaning hacks known to man/womankind. Let us know if you've discovered weirder ones on Facebook, Twitter, Insta...

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1. Bathtub need cleaning? Reach for the dishwasher tablets

Think about it: your bath is either covered in ceramic enamel, or it's plastic. So, the same as your dishes. Simply drop a dishwasher tablet into the bath, fill it up, leave for about 10 minutes, then drain and rinse thoroughly.

2. Spilled nail varnish on your carpet? Clean it up with sugar

Spilling nail varnish on a carpet is a nightmare – how will you ever get it off? Easily, by sprinkling a bit of sugar over the stain. The sugar will make the varnish crumble, and you can then simply vacuum it up (with one of our best vacuums, of course). 

3. Chrome taps looking stained? Use washing up liquid

Sounds too good to be true? Washing up liquid really does work miracles on chrome and stainless steel. For best results, massage in a generous amount with a cloth and let sit for a while before rinsing. More on how to clean a bathroom sink in our guide...

4. Handwash your lingerie? Use mild shampoo 

If you own silk lingerie, chances are you handwash it to prolong the life of the delicate fabric. As we point out in our guide to washing silk, you can't just wash it with soap or washing powder; silk requires a gentle, plant-based detergent. Don't like the idea of spending yet more money just to wash your knickers? The solution is already in your bathroom: shampoo. Any well formulated, mild shampoo without SLS is suitable for washing delicates – and swimwear, too. 

5. Bathroom grout need a clean? Use toothpaste

Sick of using sprays to try and scrub the dirt off your bathroom tile grout? There's an easier solution: toothpaste and an old toothbrush. The fluoride in the toothpaste is what will help loosen the dirt. 

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* Cleaning tips provided by NetVoucherCodes

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