The moss bowl trend – everything you need to know

The surprising botanical trend making its way onto your coffee table

moss in white bowl
(Image credit: Fiona Dinale)

We've always got our ear to the ground when it comes to new ways to style our home, and at first, we weren't sure what to make of the moss bowl trend. Early adopters include Khloe Kardashian, and this unusual home decor trend also caught the eye of ABC's General Hospital viewers. 

A moss bowl in the Corinthos kitchen got viewers talking – it even has its own Facebook page. Big in the US and Japan, it's perfect if you love to create an earthy feel in your home, or simply want to make an interesting focal point or conversation piece.

Moss bowl created and photographed by Susan Nock, founder of Thistle

The moss bowl trend

Our first impressions were that these textured ceramic bowls filled with clumps of moss look very Japandi, therefore suiting a modern and minimalist style. We also think if you walked into a light and bright living room with one resting on a midcentury modern coffee table or sideboard, you'd probably think it was pretty cool.

Fiona, founder of Melbourne Moss Bowls says that because the moss she uses is preserved, it requires zero maintenance. We're liking the sound of that. 

If the moss isn't preserved, you will need to place it in a room with indirect natural light and mist it now and then, as you might do with your best indoor plants. Or you could get faux moss, available at Amazon but we prefer the idea of the real thing.

According to Anton, an architect and designer from Architecture Lab, the moss bowl trend can make your home look more luxurious. 'Combining moss with a natural, neutral-toned oversized bowl as a centerpiece of a coffee table accompanied only with magazines or a coffee table book makes for an expensive look,' says Anton.

moss in white bowl

(Image credit: Fiona Dinale)

And if deep down you're a neutral lover, Naomi Robinson, founder of Houseplant Authority, says the moss bowl trend is made for you. 'For anyone whose home decor tends to consist of softer colors, the moss bowl trend is a really effective yet subtle method to add a shot of brightness while still maintaining the look you're going for,' she says.

As well as working with a pared-back color scheme, a moss bowl will add visual interest and color without stealing the limelight. 'Adding a moss bowl is a great way to give a pop of life to the overall look of a room, without it being the showstopper like a larger plant may be,' says Naomi.

We think we're going to be seeing a whole lot more of these this year...

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